Create Website Heatmaps for Optimization

Website Heatmap
Website Heatmap

Website Heatmaps are very important to understand the kind of features that are working for your website. Suppose there is a particular section on your website that your viewers are not clicking. In that case, a website heatmap will give the necessary insights, and you will get an indication that you need to work on that particular section. A website heatmap gives you an overview of traffic and the number of clicks the sections of your website is getting.

To identify any issues with your website, you need to get into session recording and optimizing heatmaps for your website. Heat Mapping is a must when creating any website, e-commerce site, or application. Heat Mapping solutions, on the other hand, can be rather costly. The majority of them are based on the number of visits or sessions you want to keep track of or record. It tracks the kind of audience you are attracting to your website.

In this particular segment, Microsoft Clarity is known to provide free solutions. You need to add a tracking code to your site, and all the sessions will be captured. Microsoft Clarity also has access to Google Analytics, using which you can check out how your website is performing in real-time.

Effective features of Website Heatmaps

  •   Instant Heatmaps

Create heatmaps for all of your pages automatically. Find out what people click on, what they ignore, and how far they scroll.

  •   Session Recordings

Session records allow you to observe how visitors interact with your website. Examine what’s working, identify needs improvement, and put new ideas to the test.

  •    Insights and Segments

Discover where users are frustrated and turn these issues into opportunities as quickly as possible. You can also track dead clicks, rage clicks, and excessive scrolling using website heatmaps. Once you get all the analytics of what is going on, on the website, you can make significant changes accordingly.

Clarity complies with GDPR and CCPA regulations, does not use sampling, and is open source. You’ll never be limited by traffic or forced to switch to a premium version… it’ll always be free!


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