With UGC T2 witnesses massive conversion increase

User generated content
User generated content

In the previous year, traditional sampling (in person or in-store) was not workable. To allow people to purchase things they couldn’t physically taste, businesses like T2 had to develop a different approach. They did this with a comprehensive platform for user-generated content (UGC) that amplifies the voices of their followers on social media.

According to T2’s head of digital Sally Lennox, their goal is to establish a community of tea lovers. By learning about their unique perspectives and displaying such word-of-mouth content on their digital screens, UGC has come their way as a tool for them to embrace their clients. Customers are more likely to buy from them when they can see how well-liked their products are among their peers.

The story thus far…

With the goal of modernising the art of producing tea, T2 was founded in 1996. They opened their first store in Melbourne 25 years ago. The brand was acquired by Unilever in 2013 and helped become international. Currently, T2 has physical locations in 5 countries, and their tea is quite popular all around the world. In 2020, the firm unveiled a brand-new, limited-edition tea. The fact that COVID-19 had shut down all of their physical facilities around the world prevented customers from testing out this new product, though.

The business understood that customers were wary of experimenting with something innovative that had not yet gained widespread acceptance. So they came up with a plan to provide the most recent tea to their most loyal customers.

“We observed an increase in reviews soon after the products were introduced. Lennox claims that other customers were influenced by that to buy the new teas.

The road ahead

What next? The brand is extending its sampling strategy to include more members of the Bazaarvoice Influenster community.

“We want to further capitalise on the concept of getting the products into the hands of people who can express their voice with many other people” Lennox continued.

T2 products are sensationally stylish and well-loved, which results in a ton of amazing content being shared on social media. T2 celebrates its fans by capturing and posting customer social images on its home and product pages using Bazaarvoice Galleries. Seeing visual content from Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest helps to build customer confidence. That’s why T2 sees conversion rate increases by up to 75% when visitors interact with images displayed in galleries. T2 has also implemented Bazaarvoice Like2Buy, making Instagram shoppable and driving traffic to its website too.

T2 utilised user-generated content from social media. Besides using social media content and photographs on their product pages, the company also included them in hero banners on their website, digital screens in-store, and email marketing that featured client testimonials.

Lennox stated, “We’re incredibly proud of the amplification of our reviews. “This is an ongoing campaign that has proven quite beneficial for us. We can use this information repeatedly.

Reviews not only provided T2 with plenty of content for their website and marketing materials, but they also provided useful information. For instance, they discovered that when individuals were testing the new teas and leaving evaluations, many mentioned how much they missed one of the older, no longer available teas from the brand. The company made the decision to bring that tea back after reading these consumer reviews.

Reviews have provided T2 with a plethora of personal information straight from the consumers’ mouths, allowing them to spot trends and problems even though they have internal plans to tackle quality concerns or issues.

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