Nudge customers to clear abandoned cart through emails

Abandoned carts
Abandoned carts

When customers add items to their shopping cart but don’t confirm the order, it results in an abandoned cart. Sometimes, the user might wish to review the items later. Here are some reasons due to which customers abandon a cart:

  • Shipping Charges: High shipping costs may be the reason behind an abandoned cart.
  • Final Cost: Sometimes, customers tend to add multiple items to their cart, thinking that they are inexpensive. However, when they see the final amount, they reconsider their choices.
  • Rigid Return Policy: Customers may decide against buying tentative options because of the company’s poor return policy.
  • Unfavorable payment options: If you don’t offer multiple payment options to the customers, it might lead to an abandoned cart. 
  • Security reasons: It is a fact that people leave e-commerce sites without shopping because they are hesitant to enter their credit/debit card details.

Irrespective of the reasons behind an abandoned cart, you can always ask the customers to clear them. For that, you can draft an abandoned cart email and nudge your customers to take action. You don’t have to force them to buy the products, but just clearing it would be a profitable proposition for you. It is because the reason behind an abandoned cart can be a technical issue or an inability to complete the payment process. Allowing your customers to respond to the email will help you to understand their issues and guide them through the buying process. An ideal abandoned cart email usually has these things in place:

  • A catchy subject line

The customers might ignore your email if it doesn’t have a catchy subject line. As per the report conducted by Klaviyo, approximately 41% of people tend to ignore emails that don’t have attractive subject lines.

  • Inducing FOMO

The fear of missing out can be a handy trick to make the customers buy a product. You can say things like the product will be out of stock soon to induce FOMO in the customer’s mind.

  • Well-drafted email

A well-drafted abandoned cart email includes a catchy subject line, a short but clear message to the customer, and a CTA (Call-To-Action) statement to trigger the buying action.

You may also include appealing creatives in the email to entice the customers to return to the cart.


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