TikTok Marketing: Poppi’s brand strategy that made it viral

Tik Tok Marketing
Tik Tok Marketing

TikTok Marketing has recently become popular with brands. Viral content helps brands get more visibility & engagement. A year ago, soda brand Poppi launched its first video on TikTok and managed to get 26 million views. This massively boosted their sales. The experiment worked. Later it speeded up efforts & put a significant budget for the short-form video app.

Tik Tok is a totally video-based platform that effectively engages audiences. The platform’s virality, discoverability make it more effective for brands. Videos on the platform have a good organic reach and can work as a brand awareness channel. This has made TikTok a useful strategy for brand marketing. Poppi, too, enhanced its efforts to increase its presence on TikTok. The brand set aside a budget for TikTok marketing. It works with influencers who help in publicizing the brand through video content.

“We’re cracking the code there, and it’s working well,” said Allison Ellsworth, co-founder and chief brand officer of Poppi, saying that TikTok handles most of the drink company’s SMS and email sign ups. According to Ellsworth, Poppi receives about 1,000 email and SMS sign ups every day for marketing alerts and discounts, with over 200,000 sign ups, thanks in part to its growing popularity and discoverability on TikTok.

The team at Poppi has gotten a community manager onboard who manages all the content that goes on to the brand’s official Instagram and in-house TikTok creation. The manager makes sure that the audience keeps getting their daily dose of entertainment in the content on Poppi’s page. Ellsworth is planning to create content that highlights the benefits of the drink and engages with the influencers. Poppi taps on every content that goes viral, as it did with the ‘Jerk’ dance move and creates content that is a blend of what’s trendy and what their brand stands for.

TikTok turned out to be a game-changer for Poppi. Earlier, they had no marketing budget, but now as their TikTok channel is growing, they are setting aside about 20% of their marketing budget for TikTok marketing. Several small brands must draw inspiration from Poppi’s story and jump the bandwagon of marketing and publishing content on TikTok.


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