Spotify Ads: Experience Interactive Ads during podcasts

Spotify Ads
Spotify Ads

Millions of users are addicted to funny and knowledgeable podcasts on Spotify. Spotify podcasts will now carry interactive ads that the audience can see while listening to a podcast. The Spotify ads are call-to-action cards. When the customers tap on these ads, they will be redirected to the official page of the products or services.

Some of the key features of these call to action cards are mentioned below:

  • The ads will be interactive. It means that tapping on the ad will trigger an action. For instance, the application or website where the company sells the product or service will launch on the user’s phone.
  • These ads will be audio-timed. Customers will hear a count that tells the actual number of seconds for which the ad will play on your device.
  • Spotify ads will be visible on overviews, episode summaries, or any other section of the Spotify app.

Also, once users view an ad, it can reappear while searching for their favorite music numbers or while accessing any other feature of the Spotify app. Therefore, they don’t have to remember the promo code or link of the product or service to search for it later. Spotify allows users to find the products they are interested in easily. It will pilot test these Spotify ads for the exclusive podcasts in the United States. It will allow them to evaluate whether the idea of a call to action card resonates with their users or not.

However, there are a few concerns surrounding the Spotify ads. For instance, users may not like it if the same ads keep popping up now and then while listening to podcasts. Also, some users might not like the idea of watching a Spotify ad while they are searching for something in the search bar.


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