PubMatic ‘Connects’ ad buyers & publishers, offers secure audience data

audience data
audience data

Adtech world is always striving for new strategies and tools to target audience data. Well, PubMatic, a private technology firm providing the future supply chain for digital advertising, has developed a seamless approach to tap into audience targeting.

Thanks to PubMatic’s Connect, publishers are in a more favourable position. Through the platform ad buyers get access to first-party data from publishers throughout the whole PubMatic exchange.

More power to publishers

Connect secures audience data for publishers and provides them with more control. It allows publishers to establish a private market with buyers which is called deal ID. This market has access to buyers’ audience data. This works both ways as buyers profit from targeting the target market on the website of the publisher and throughout the public internet. According to PubMatic VP of audience solutions, Alex DeSanctis, Connect’s deal ID approach is favourable for publishers as they get more control and better match rates.

The technology has transformed the management of inventory standards, audience and media investment planning, as well as identity strategies. No wonder this approach has partnered buyers closely with the sellers.

Connect opens up more opportunities for publishers to sell their precious audience data through a third-party marketplace or a demand side platform’s data marketplace.

A network for buyers and sellers

According to DeSanctis, Connect offers a varied range of usage for publishers who can now track performance in real-time, observe buyers’ use of their audience data, and compare advertising’ data use to their own. PubMatic has designed an all-equipped data sharing network to profit buyers and sellers with transparency and control.

Connect’s use among publishers surged 1,000% after PubMatic began beta testing it last summer, and DeSanctis expects it will be its fastest-growing company by 2020. PubMatic brought on vendors during the beta phase, including Audigent, InvestingChannel, and H Code.

Use Case-Connect’s testing times

In Q4, National CineMedia, which sells most pre-show movie theatre advertisements in the US and has its own websites devoted to movies, began testing Connect.

Through the platform, purchasers can purchase the company’s five core segments using their own DSP: regular moviegoers, infrequent moviegoers, fanboys, family moviegoers, and the overall audience. They may purchase these audiences across all media on PubMatic’s exchange, including mobile, video, and OTT advertisements.

National CineMedia syndicates segments it stores in its DMP to PubMatic in order to match them to its own cookies and mobile IDs. Buyers must pay an additional CPM fee in order to use the audience data.

Given that it is jointly owned by the major theatre chains and has direct access to data on 130 million moviegoers, National CineMedia is hesitant to share its audience data with purchasers directly.

Alternative to audience data

With Connect, PubMatic aims to provide an alternative and more options to both buyers and sellers for audience data exchange. According to DeSanctis, PubMatic builds a network with DSPs to make deal IDs construction smooth for publishers.

However, Connect needs cookies and device IDs to function, thus its usefulness in its current state may only last a short while. However, PubMatic intends to change the approach as substitutes for third-party cookies become available.

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