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WaveBloom is Pow Audio’s ‘solution’ to Gen-Z’s audio needs

audio technology
audio technology

Ever imagined Bluetooth speakers becoming super portable? Float on water? Or sticking to your devices? Sounds super techno right!! Well, Massachusetts based Pow Audio packs a punch of technology and versatile features in its audio products, making them a super convenient audio experience.

The technology on which Pow Audio’s speakers are based is a dual effort by the father-son duo Glen and Cameron Walter. According to its makers, Pow Audio has revolutionized speakers with its patent WaveBloom audio expansion technology and ultra-portability technique.

The Technology ‘Wave’

The WaveBloom technology has proved to be its USP as the built-in technology uses a middle housing that can be changed to act as an elastomer passive radiator to capture air. The speakers have a smooth, air-filled chamber with continuously curving, non-stepped walls when they are fully inflated. Utilizing this audio technology, speakers enlarge to create an air-filled chamber with measurably superior resonance, resulting in massive volume, rich middle, deep bass, and sharp highs.

The features section of Pow Audio’s website describes the technology as, “Our patented audio technology is the key to our unprecedented sound quality. In PLAY mode, our speakers expand to move more air–and more air means enhanced bass resonance and frequency response. You’ll hear all the highs, the bassiest lows, and every rich note in-between.”

portable bluetooth speakers

portable bluetooth speakers

Ultra-Portability gives audio an edge

Mo became the first product to feature the WaveBloom technology, and hence offers enhanced bass, loudness, and improved overall sound quality.

The trick behind their ultra-portability is- POW Audio speakers collapse for ultimate portability but expand to push an improved sound with deeper lows, crisper highs, and full midrange sound that blow away the competition. With the expandable designs, listeners may effortlessly improve any moment of life, anywhere.

Pow Audio’s Brand Strategy

The first Pow Audio speaker to become the first expandable Bluetooth ultra-portable speaker is Mo. Founder and CEO of Pow Audio Glen Walter, a music lover himself, is a product developer who wanted to enhance people’s audio experience. He says, “The core idea was always to improve people’s interactions and experiences, letting the ideas and functions drive the resulting aesthetic. Creating out-of-the-box solutions that helped meet consumers’ needs was our mantra.”

For this ultimate audio experience to reach mass consumers, their brand strategy markets the products with built-in technology that enables consumers to pair their phone with the expandable speaker in its class. All of that without losing audio quality. So POW created a ground-breaking idea in which they encouraged users to speak up and openly express themselves. Holding the portable speakers, many hands of the incredibly diverse group expressed revolution.

expandable design speakers

expandable design speakers

Introducing POW Audio and WaveBloom technology at CES, Glen Walter said, “We’re thrilled because we truly believe our products will set a new standard for sound quality within the portable audio industry. When creating Mo, we didn’t just try to improve what was already out in the marketplace. We worked to fill a clear gap–an extremely portable speaker with an expandable design that doesn’t sacrifice bass resonance and delivers enormous volume.”

The company’s tagline, ‘United we expand’, is based on the brand’s core values of uniting the new age people and empowering them to speak up. Their product marketing aims to target young people with their range of products featuring expansive sound, ultra-portability, and revolutionary portable audio through WaveBloom tech.

With its patent WaveBloom audio expansion technology, the new brand is redefining speaker design to offer unrivaled sound quality and portability. Super portability with audio expansion technology has been its USP. The makers made Pow Audio truly marketable with its bold, 360 degree designed Bluetooth speaker construction and capabilities.

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