How-to guide for utilizing DSP effectively for ad campaigns

DSP for ad campaign
DSP for ad campaign

Adtech technologies help digital advertising campaigns become more effective and reach their campaign targets. Demand-side platforms or DSPs help strategize your ad spends and incur maximum from your digital ads. The demand-side platform might seem just a way to buy ad space, but they work at higher levels to optimize ad campaigns.

DSPs is an automation tool that is part of programmatic advertising that connects advertising to marketing. It is the best automation tool for marketing. DSPs in mobile marketing can help in precise targeting and tracking valuable metrics. They have tracking and control capabilities with the personalization option. Why do we need DSPs? They work like an automated machine that eases the job of marketers to set up and manage their ad campaigns.

Programmatic advertising helps the management of campaign performance in real- time. Mobile marketers may easily change campaigns from DSPs without creating disruption, without waiting for a campaign to expire.

Choosing the Right DSP

There are several considerations to consider when deciding which demand-side platform (DSP) is best for an ad campaign. Cost, inventory, openness, reporting, technology, brand-safe capabilities, and rapport with the platform team are some of these considerations. Reach and inventory quality are equally crucial.

Platform efficiency is key to running effective RTB campaigns. Ease of use, real-time reporting, campaign planning tools, and a variety of targeting options are also important. Many DSPs have adapted their tools to fit the needs of advertisers.

Evaluate the support a DSP will offer. New advertisers may need some help with campaign setup. Finally, it’s crucial to collaborate with a DSP who offers insightful recommendations and with whom you get along well. You can trust the advice they give when you work with folks who are open and understand your business’ objectives. Each party may hold the other to account while cooperating to enhance campaign performance thanks to this trust. Your company will save time and money by working with a digital agency to handle these connections and campaigns.

Effective way to set up your ad campaign

Create a hierarchy of two or three levels for your campaign. For easier budget distribution, specify the budget at the IO or package levels.

The finest optimization approaches include assigning budgets to different packages or moving them between them. The first step is properly configuring the packages. Instead of going to line items, you can effortlessly move money from one package to another by basing your approaches on the expected performance and CPMs.

A line item evaluates performance and delivery using the same tools as an IO. Even though these metrics are unique to each line item, performing each line item affects the IO. To find out specific optimizations to increase delivery or performance, use line item level analytics.

Some best practices for using DSP

1. Spend money on the strategies that work best

To manually increase or decrease budgets, examine the performance of the campaign by line item. Set auto-allocation for line item budgets.

2. Set your budget package

At the beginning of your campaign, set packages to Even Spend or Daily (manually) and line items to Auto Allocate or Daily. If completing budget deliveries is your top priority, you can use flight lengths to calculate budget pacing.

3. Set frequency levels

While avoiding oversaturation, retarget customers who have interacted with your advertisements and/or website. To determine the best frequency to provide to your clients, compare performance at various frequency levels.

4. List

Determine sites with an enormous volume of impressions and a strong performance by evaluating the list of sites. Remove those websites that charge but don’t provide. To avoid limiting scale, use exclusion lists.

Best Practices for Optimization Tactics

1. Adopt these optimization techniques after three days of running a campaign

-Implement a low bid at $0.50 rate.

-For a re-targeting tactic, only consider ten percent of the re-targeting budget with a velocity of 12% and slowly increasing to 20%.



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