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Officials are keeping up ‘vibe’ around NFT markets

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Companies have come up with certain designations like “chief happiness officer," and the most recent one “chief vibes officer”.

New designations and positions are coming up in companies dealing with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The Non-Fungible Tokens market is facing enormous challenges after sales falling down since the start of 2022. A recent data hinted at fading charm around NFTs. According to NonFungible, a company that studies the NFT industry, global NFT sales decreased by 47% in the first three months of 2022 compared to the prior quarter.

NFTs are still a huge bet for many companies who are trying their best to create interest and profitability around their schemes of things. To spark interests among NFT investors, companies are appointing officers who will be responsible for attracting people around NFTs. They have come up with certain designations like “chief happiness officer,” and the most recent one “chief vibes officer”. The latter one is a new type of manager is taking up position in certain companies.

Maintaining positivity around the NFT market is what their goal is. The vibes manager has some credibility of a marketer, influencer, and investor relations officer. He is responsible for promoting NFT initiatives to newcomers and reassuring current donors. It should always be the goal to be upbeat. They attract both newcomers and potential NFT investors by posting on social media. This not only draws huge consumers toward the NFT market but also upbeat the desperate market.

According to Business Insider, one of the first NFT companies to hire a vibes director is Fractional. Deeze, an influencer who a spokeswoman described as “the most public-facing employee at the company alongside the founder” and “an incredibly prominent commentator and tastemaker in the NFT field,” filled the post.

Besides managing “collector relations” and acting as the “internal ‘vibe checker’ for events and material,” Deeze also manages the company’s Twitter and Discord accounts, the spokesman said.

For the record, the desire for these digital items peaked in 2021, although it has been declining since the first quarter of 2022. According to a recent analysis from the information platform Chainalysis, spending volume decreased between February and March, falling from $3.9 billion to $964 million.

Apart from these designations, another officer equipped with expertise regarding the Web 3 world has joined the bandwagon. Welcome the Chief NFT Officer. He is the ultimate head or an individual in a Web 3 NFT project. The chief NFT officer is the top official to drive NFT profitability, value, and marketing to raise NFT prices.

non-fungible token

non-fungible token

CNO makes all managerial selections involving NFTs. A CNO is basically a mix of a CMO and CTO combined. A CNO on demand helps Web 3 projects overcome some of their toughest problems.

The Wizard of HAHZ created the phrase CNO. Web 3 thought leader Hahz Terry, also known as “The Wizard of HAHZ,” has advised prosperous NFT enterprises. After training Web 2 brands on the creation of Web 3 initiatives and establishing his job as a CNO, Hahz took up the first CNO (Chief NFT Officer) role in history.

The current fervour for vibe management, according to blockchain detractors, has a straightforward explanation: existing investors need new targets to hustle.

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