Data control keeps risk at bay: Apple’s new ad cautions


Privacy is at the core of Apple. For years, it has prioritised user privacy and data in its hardware and software. It is gradually strengthening anti-tracking and other privacy-related features in iOS and macOS.

The tech giant has developed a new ad showcasing its data privacy features. The ad shows a girl named Ellie who is browsing a record shop when she suddenly hears something. Following the sound, she enters a backstage private-data auction. She is gravely shocked to see her phone data being auctioned.

The Ad Alerts Users About Data Threat

From SMS’ to e-mails, purchase history, location data, contacts, browsing history, every part of the data is being auctioned. Till here, Apple draws users’ attention to the threat and makes them aware of privacy risks. The ad suggests the fact that if users don’t take control, their security would be at risk. The company alerts its users about the third-party apps breaking into their personal information through the dramatic auction.

Apple’s innovation equips users with safety

The ad takes a turn after the girl realizes this and takes everything into her own hand to protect her privacy by activating the iPhone’s safeguard options. To counter the threat, Apple’s technology innovates product designs to protect privacy. Safeguarding it and giving users full control over them is one of the foundational policies of the tech giant. Assisted with machine learning for effective privacy, it uses on-device processing to prevent others from breaking into your data.

The ad showcases Apple’s anti-tracking tools to equip its users to combat email trackers with Mail Privacy Protection. Its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature prevents third-party apps from tracking their online mobile activity.

Apple Inc safeguards the privacy of individual users. Apple has designed its new features with multi-layer protection. It also has additional encryption measures.


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