Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly wrap up
weekly wrap up

This week in our Weekly Wrap Up we covered a bit about ad campaigns & ad spends, growing concern over data privacy. We got to know about some imp. concepts of Content Marketing like Plagiarism & change in URLs. So be with us to know a lot more.


In recent times, consumers have shown greater concern over data privacy. So digital marketers should consider consumers’ developing attitudes about online media while using their data to publish advertisements.


Calculating your digital ad spends is a crucial strategy. Keep some criteria in mind while setting a reasonable ad spend budget for digital campaigns.


Content marketing agencies have diverse functions and they handle every aspect of the marketing with great detail & diligence. They have all the required tools & knowledge to get the business on the right track.

Where there is content, there is plagiarism. Having unique content with no plagiarism is most suitable for your business and your audiences.


Changing URLs is not only a complex process, but it also significantly affects SEO. So before you think about consider these points.


Website heatmaps tell you about specific areas of your website. So they are important for optimizing your website.


A virtually connected world, Metaverse will be the next target for marketers, as Gen-Z will be the most potential audience there. Switching to this platform will be the next biggest strategy for digital marketers.


With TikTok marketing as its new social media strategy, soda brand Poppi scaled its sales. It leveraged TikTok’s discoverability element to up its game.


Scaling Meta ads enhance high-performing ad campaigns. There are different scaling so it’s important to know when to scale your Meta ads.



Data Privacy: A growing concern among consumers

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