Weekly Wrap up: Content, Email, Programmatic ads Marketing

weekly wrap up
weekly wrap up

This week we covered a range of content, email, and programmatic ads marketing. Ways to get traffic for a content marketing campaign, how sellers create fake reviews and how to handle them. We learned what it takes to make email marketing campaign successful and a lot more.

How to get traffic to a content marketing campaign?

Content marketing needs a content strategy, including an inbound marketing strategy to get traffic to a marketing campaign.


Fake reviews, a grave concern for marketing agencies, how to handle them?

The rating and review systems needed to rank ecommerce website can be manipulated. To impact product’s visibility and sales, sellers create fake reviews.


What makes an email marketing campaign successful?

Email marketing campaign is an effective way of CTA. It lets users act and engage with the brand. A successful email marketing campaign requires an effective email structure.


What are some factors affecting ecommerce cart abandonment rate?

Abandoned shopping carts is a negative factor for brands. They need to focus on and remove the factors affecting ecommerce cart abandonment rate.


Opt-in and Opt-out – When to opt which marketing strategy

Opt-in and opt-out email marketing strategies can help marketers in determining further promotional strategies to adopt.


Meta Ads Learning Phase: How Meta decides your target audience

The learning phase of Meta ads can determine which audience will take action on your campaign. Meta ads learns through targets marketers set which lets it determine the right audience.


Can advertisers afford ads without viewability?

Advertisers have to pay for over 50% of the ads that are not viewable. This is because of no guarantee of viewability and problems in measuring all viewable impressions.



Can advertisers afford ads without viewability?

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