Email marketing: Valuable, personal touches at scale!

email marketing
email marketing

Email marketing is powerful as, it is direct marketing. It uses email to promote your business’s products or services. It makes your customers aware of your latest offers as it integrates into your marketing automation work. It enhances your marketing strategy by building lead generation, brand awareness, relationships. Email is cost-effective too. It also drives your audiences to company’s blog, social media, and other channels.

This lets you segregate your emails that target users by demographic. It personalizes the experience for customers. Email marketing lets you bucket test of a subject line, call to action to identify the best performing message. This uses email marketing software, configured to send out emails.

What is Email Marketing?

It helps to build better customer relationships that help in the conversion of leads positively. It’s a part of marketing strategy to make your email list of customers aware of the latest services, products, and discounts. It can be newsletters with promotions, updates or exclusive deals for subscribers. It lets businesses keep their contacts informed with customized messages for their audience.

Importance of email marketing

It keeps customers engaged and excited between purchases and updated about the brand’s value. The personalized content enables businesses to analyze readers’ better thereby customizing content accordingly

Emails as a marketing tool have gained popularity as they motivate the user to take action. It will sit in the inbox till it’s deleted, read or archived. With this marketers achieve more with less as they help them connect with their audience personally at an affordable rate.

email marketing

email marketing

Use of newsletters for media companies and brands

At the beginning of 2022, we can safely accept that there is officially resurrected email marketing. Now it’s in a lot of demand. Various independent tech startups have made the newsletter trend popular. They created turnkey platforms for quick newsletter circulation, increasing audience, and earning revenue at a large scale.

Last year, Google, Twitter, and Facebook collaborated with significant media companies and started a newsletter platform, thus boosting newsletter trends. New York Times began with 15 newsletters for subscribers, and similarly, The Atlantic started nine newsletters.

These newsletters have enhanced the relationship between readers and creators. Like podcasts, media companies use newsletters to connect with their audience and provide breaking news content at high speed.

Media companies are always trying to find effective marketing solutions. To keep up with the ever-changing market, policy change, algorithm updates, etc.

So there is leverage for email notifications for a few reasons like:-

  • The reliable and oldest form of push notification
  • There is customization of Email newsletters as required
  • There can be delivery of relevant content in less time

Email gives a personal touch in its reliable and steady content delivery. Therefore, it’s more reliable than social media as it lacks personal touch and is unpredictable.

Strong ESP (Email Service Provider) has played a huge role in increasing efficiency and growth at some fast-paced publishers. Reliable ESP is an efficient use of personalization, automation, and data collection tools. Email is a one-to-one medium used to push content to their readers. Used to get real-time analysis of engagement, reach and time spent. This helps understand readers better and deliver relevant content to them, thus, increasing the email click-through rate.

How to create an email list of people for your email marketing?

Here are a few tips which you should follow as per the best marketing strategies:-

  • Don’t use purchased email lists as email marketing companies have a strict policy prohibiting purchased lists.
  • Adhere to legal rules and regulations for sending automated emails.
  • Use email to converse with the audience, like surveys, appreciation for a recent purchase, follow-up for a wish list. Simply say hello!, this will help you to get more insight into your audience.
  • Only send relevant and engaging mail when you need to. Don’t send excessive emails.

Data decay has increased

One important aspect of using email marketing is periodic email list cleaning. Improve the quality of your list. Remove outdated contacts with email verifier. Validate new sign-ups. Stay with trends, adapt good practices.

Trends and future outlook

It is expected to increase to more than 376.4 billion by 2025. Customers need value in service and the tool push right content to the right audiences.

With online platform preferred, email is more reliable. Personalize communication will be the key in 2022.This will be effective if the conversation continues with replies. Interaction through messages will give you an edge. It will sure provide you with multiple benefits.


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