Weekly Wrap Up: Quickexplained


This we analyzed what customer engagement strategies will build loyal customers. How LinkdIn is growing as a Social Selling Platform & how Retargeting customers help boost sales. There’s a lot more to read on.


To build loyal customers brand awareness & customer engagement are most crucial strategies. Live chat, personalization & interactive content will be the new tactics in 2022.



LinkdIn users leverage from professional network and maximize engagement. It helps generate leads and close deals, thereby evolving as a social selling platform.



How building an effective user experience helps in digital marketing. Its benefits in bringing customer satisfaction is one of the reasons it is relevant for digital marketing.



It’s important to bring back customers who went past your website without converting. Here, retargeting helps bring back potential customers.



Email marketing is a powerful tool for direct marketing that effectively promote your business’s products or services. It keeps you visible in front of your audience.





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