Facebook Ads Library: How it helps you analyze your competitors

Facebook ad library
Facebook Ad Library

If you’re a marketer, analyzing the marketing strategies that your competitors adopt is essential. Observing their campaigns’ creatives, content, and other aspects gives you a deeper insight into what works in marketing. You might have already heard about the Facebook Ads Library. This resource reveals essential statistics and insights into all your competitors’ advertisements and marketing strategies. Understandably, it is quite prevalent among social media managers. Here are the different ways you can leverage this handy resource:


  • Browse through your competitors’ recent Facebook ads to gauge their social media marketing strategies.
  • Check the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) on which your competitors publish their adverts using the icons over each advert.
  • Finding advertisements with brand names and specific keywords is possible with Facebook Ads Library. Check the promotions or adverts for a particular month or period via this platform.
  • Narrow down on details like reach, conversions, impressions, etc., as well. Know the demographics like age, location, and gender that competitors target through promotional adverts.
  • Facebook Ad Library gives you the liberty to scrutinize the images your competitors use in their adverts. Are they using stock or custom-designed pictures? If you are wondering whether adding copy to images would work, check whether your competitors are doing something similar. If so, observe what formats, CTAs, color schemes, etc., they use.


  • Identify different creatives, video, image ads, carousels, etc., used in marketing campaigns by top brands.
  • Look at your competitors’ Facebook Business Pages. They might provide insights on how an ideal business page should look and read. Spend time on their posts, pages, comments, and reach to identify their reach and branding strategies.
  • Analyze the tone they use to engage with customers through their creatives. Learn from how they respond to their customers’ queries and complaints.
  • Get an idea about the offers and discounts your competitors utilize in their sales campaigns.

Utilize all these options to improve your ads and conduct promotional campaigns seamlessly!


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