Hashtags: Is there an optimal number for your posts?


Content marketers often contemplate the ideal number of hashtags for social media posts. While determining the exact number is not possible, conducting an analysis can be helpful. It will help you determine whether the posts with more of them worked better than those with fewer hashtags.

We conducted an experiment with Stacey Lohan to find whether the number of them makes a difference to the reach or engagement. We published posts via a famous Instagram wedding account with more than 10K followers. Most of these posts had around 30 of them which is the maximum number allowed by Instagram. The remaining posts had 3 to 5 hashtags.

After checking the results after a month, we found that the posts with 3 hashtags outperformed all the other posts. Also, the posts with 3 to 5 of them reached 15% more audience than the remaining posts. Similar results were noted for the comments and likes of these posts. From this experiment, we can conclude that:

  • Engagement or reach doesn’t increase if you increase them.
  • People like to see and comment on posts that have minimal but well-curated social media posts.
  • Your post’s content, image, tagline, and many other factors decide its impact in terms of reach and engagement.
  • However, multiple hashtags will not create any significant impact on the audience. Extensive research is required to find the exact number of them to perform well.
  • Hashtags occupy too much space in a post. This space can be utilized for conducting interesting polls or publishing appealing creatives. It will not only impress the audience but also increase the brand awareness and engagement level of your posts.

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