Top Programmatic Advertising Trends in 2022

Top Programmatic Advertising Trends in 2022
Top Programmatic Advertising Trends in 2022

The Adtech market will be buzzing with programmatic advertising in 2022.

A few trends in programmatic advertising:

Omnichannel marketing

An Omnichannel approach enables advertisers to track better and predict consumer behaviour. Moreover, to generate maximum conversations through the appropriate media for the best results.

Omnichannel marketing takes a consumer-centric view of brand interactions. This involves a consumer-centric approach to managing your customer’s relationship with you across multiple touchpoints or digital channels, be it through social media, customer service hotlines, and more!

CTV marketing

It refers to the advertising found on programmatic televisions. It is an important video vertical due to its massive reach and combined audiences. It’s another way people can consume a lot of content by watching it on their schedule. It can be done without being told how long people have to watch it or neglecting to finish something that may be of interest, precisely when it comes down to certain types of videos. 

DOOH advertising

The digital component will transform traditional billboards in the future. Adding digital billboards to current outdoor networks and utilizing mobile location data can boost offline conversions and monetization. The blending of conventional billboard ads with programmatic visibility online will enable targeted audience planning and ad buying while providing customers with the most relevant and seamless experience possible.

Display Campaigns

You’ll be delighted to know that online display advertising campaigns are still quite popular. More than 60% of media planners worldwide rank it as one of their top three programmatic channels for ad spend. The display is still an essential option for existing media buying strategies, representing a legitimate source of revenue.


Programmatic has gone mobile and is extending into new digital advertising formats such as tablets, social media, broadcast, and online video Advertising.

Programmatic will create a boom for the ad tech industry change – Artificial Intelligence, better personalization, and behavioural targeting are about to become a cornerstone for digital advertising. Powered by machine learning, programmatic allows advertisers to make smarter decisions across each creative process stage, from planning through optimization and analysis!


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