Flipkart made the most of Sima Aunty’s matchmaking to unveil winning campaign

Flipkart made the most of Sima Aunty's matchmaking to unveil winning campaign
Flipkart made the most of Sima Aunty's matchmaking to unveil winning campaign

It’s not a Tinder or Bumble match. It’s a match with Indian matchmaker Sima Aunty and the e-commerce giant Flipkart. It seems unlikely to think about this relationship, but Flipkart did so in a campaign based on a very important idea.

Flipkart aha moment

Our phones have become an obsession for us. The first thing we do in the morning is read all the notifications and then start our day.  For both job and fun, we devote an awful lot of time to it throughout the day. We spend the last few hours of the day scrolling aimlessly on our phones till we feel sleepy. Our phones resemble our “soulmates” in many ways. We can’t survive without them because we are totally dependent on them.

The breakthrough by Flipkart

Considering the importance of our phones in our existence, it’s only apparent that an expert would be tasked with choosing the right match for us. Buying a phone is obviously an investment. We’ll be devoting the whole of our time to it, so it must be made purely for you.

And no one comes except this famed matchmaker Sima Taparia and Flipkart Mobiles to discover the right partner? Picking her as the campaign’s centrepiece is a ‘perfect match’.

The excitement 

The brand prepared to bring it to the public with a meaningful perspective and a compelling notion. And then delivered this teaser that had everyone buzzing. After watching the ad, all had the same opinion: is Flipkart entering the match.com market?

The teaser kept everyone curious and sparked lively discussions on social media with well-known brands.

After fooling people (almost) that Flipkart maybe another app to use while hunting for a special someone, the brand revealed the secret.

Your smartphone is your soulmate.

Upshot from this

A good marketing campaign is a result of combining knowledge and creativity. Flipkart has done just that. First, it uncovered revelation, and harmony was created through an innovative brainstorming process. Flipkart established itself as the go-to mobile platform with this amazing campaign. A platform for customers to select the perfect ‘partner’ for their needs and interests.

Flipkart had everything going for them on this one!


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