Simple optimizations in Website Speed help save money. How?

Simple optimizations in Website Speed help save money. How?
Simple optimizations in Website Speed help save money. How?

Benefits of optimizing your Website Page Speed

Are you looking to optimize your website for a better customer experience, more revenue and conversions? Improve your customer’s browsing experience by speeding up your site’s loading time. Here are a few things to optimize the performance and speed of your website.

What is website speed?

Website speed, or performance, indicates how quickly a browser can load web pages from a site. If you have a slow web page in a browser, the site owner will lose many visitors who cannot view certain features and functions.

  • Image optimization is about creating smaller image file sizes that don’t affect the quality of the images. Optimizing your images makes loading easier because there is less data the browser has to load on each page.
  • CDNs (Content Delivery Network) work to help optimize the speed at you can deliver your website traffic with ease. When users visit your site from the US, they download files from the closest server located in NY, for example.
  • CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is the worst offender for a site’s performance. Typically, sites require much larger images and scripts in addition to other resources. But that does not mean we should not choose to use CSS Optimization to improve performance.
  • Because CSS delivery is fast, it’s ideal for improving the critical render path. The critical render path is the step in the background before your web page content is displayed.
  • Avoid redirects: Every time a page redirects to another page, your visitor must wait for the new page to load. Make sure you avoid unnecessary redirects on your main landing page, and wherever possible, make sure your links don’t redirect either.

Finally, check how all your efforts have translated to the speed of loading your websites. Reviewing the effectiveness of any changes related to speeding up your web pages is as important as implementing them.


It would be wise to use a professional performance evaluation site that checks not just the load time but also outbound traffic, anything else that might affect users negatively (load times and so on), browser compatibility issues, or downtime to get a solid look at whether you succeeded or should try again.


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