With Meta ‘Year in Review’ features, relive your favourite 2021 memories

With Meta 'Year in Review' features, relive your favourite 2021 memories
With Meta 'Year in Review' features, relive your favourite 2021 memories

It’s almost the end of 2021, and what’s better than going over your favourite memories one last time? On both Facebook and Instagram, Meta has unveiled new ‘Year in Review’ features. It gives users a glimpse of the most important times they’ve shared on each network in 2021. Prepare to get nostalgic!

The new ‘Year in Review’ feature gathers a shareable card based on people’s years on the platform. The new function is officially available and will be active till December 30th.

Instagram's 'Playback' feature

Source: Instagram

Instagram’s new ‘Playback’ feature will display your moments from the prior year’s Stories. This will give you a sentimental relook at a year that most likely contained a lot of rest and relaxation.

The tool assembles the quick snapshot from your Stories Archive. Users can then choose up to ten Stories from their collection to share with friends on their feed.

'Year Together' feature on Facebook

Source: Facebook

A new ‘Year Together’ option on Facebook will showcase ‘friends, feelings, places, and people’ you interacted with in 2021.

The new features on Facebook and Instagram are totally configurable, allowing users to upload or erase information and posts as they see right.


The unveiling features coincide with the growing popularity of viral end-of-year summaries. Courtesy of Spotify’s annual Wrapped experience, extensively reposted throughout social media every year! Facebook and Instagram have joined a slew of other online behemoths in creating their own variations of the popular feature. This week, Reddit launched tailored summaries with statistics on users’ activities, while Snapchat is slated to publish its “Year End Story” later this month.

It’s a bit cheesy, and these kinds of highlight features can soon get annoying if everyone starts rolling out them at the same time. But, because many people will be doing it, it will definitely be a success and help users of each app recall pleasant moments.

Also, don’t let it offend you if others share their favourite times. That is, after all, the purpose of social media. Nobody likes to be the centre of attention for their difficulties. So, if you find yourself looking at someone’s year in the summary and feeling like they have a better life than you, keep in mind that everyone experiences problems and hardships daily, even if they aren’t publicly acknowledged.


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