Disneyland? Wonderland? No, it’s time for Nikeland

Disneyland? Wonderland? No, it's time for Nikeland
Disneyland? Wonderland? No, it's time for Nikeland

Nike’s timing is impeccable because currently, the world is all about “metaverse”. Welcome to Nikeland.

With Nikeland, the brand’s new Roblox universe, the sporting goods behemoth is leaping the Metaverse.

In Beaverton, Oregon, Nike’s real-world headquarters excite the world. Players engage in mini-games, from tag and dodgeball to “The Floor Is Lava” in the digital world, which features Nike headquarters, fields, and arenas. It is based on the real-world headquarters of the firm. Nikeland will be open to the public without charge (for now).

Sneaker giant sneaks a peek into future

In the future, the business wants to incorporate in-game events that are inspired by worldwide sporting events. For one, a soccer match during the World Cup or a flag football game during the Super Bowl is both good examples. Nike claimed that the hypervisor would be updated to add athlete and product integration in the future.

People who have accelerometers on their smartphones will be able to play online using their real-world motions. You can, for example, work your way in a jumping action in the virtual world, which will improve the level.

Users can style their avatar in Nike and check out the newest product lines in a virtual showroom. Items may be based on real-life Nike products currently on the market or previous debuts. Nike can potentially reveal upcoming products or encourage children to collaborate on designs.

Why is Nike putting faith in Metaverse?

Companies like Nike recognise the potential to engage with a younger cohort of athletes and convince them to love the brand, which can ultimately transfer into real-world sales as the Metaverse is picking up the steam.

Nikeland, according to Sam Poser, an analyst at Williams Trading, will be effective in introducing the brand to kids early on and providing knowledge and serving as a staging ground for the brand. He sees it as a chance for Nike to test out new items and see which ones stay.

“If they know a bunch of kids are wearing it on Nikeland, then they will then come out with it in the physical world,” Poser added.

Nike’s collaboration with Roblox isn’t new. In 2019, on Nike Air Max Day, the two collaborated.

Nike has been discreetly prepping for the Metaverse by registering plenty of new trademarks suggesting its intention to create and market virtual Nike footwear and clothing.


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