Facebook? No, Meta is planning retail outlets as it advances into Metaverse

Facebook? No, Meta is planning retail outlets as it advances into Metaverse
Facebook? No, Meta is planning retail outlets as it advances into Metaverse

Facebook – or Meta, as its parent company is now known – is increasingly adding real things to its catalogue. It is considering opening physical storefronts to unveil its next-generation technology ideas properly.

As per The New York Times, leaked documents showing ideas for IRL Facebook storefronts where it would market its VR headsets, AR glasses, Portal gadgets, and more.

Facebook’s enthusiasm in VR and AR

The company’s concept was revealed roughly a week after Facebook rebranded itself, Meta. The company is changing its attention to creating a virtual environment or metaverse where users can interact, work, and play. The store aims for physicality to demonstrate how much it can achieve in the virtual environment.

The firm provides a variety of things that clients may test out in reality. Its Oculus Quest virtual reality devices will change into Meta Quest. It can allow users to preview the company’s concept for a metaverse prior to making a purchase. Meta Portal is revamping the Facebook Portal video chat gadgets that the firm offers. Its collaboration with Ray-Ban to produce glasses became a huge success towards digital connection. These are already released in stores such as Best Buy.

The home screen in the Oculus Quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2’s home screen; Source: Facebook

In past months, Meta has been facing criticism after a former Facebook employee ‘whistleblowed’ or exposed data to Congress and the public revealing that the business is knowledgeable about various vulnerabilities with its networks but refuses to acknowledge or not fix them.

A huge step by Meta in direction of retail

According to reports, Meta is developing a flagship shop in Burlingame, California, and a Reality Labs headquarters. The company’s named its retail stores “Facebook Store” before the rebranding.

Retail locations show success for giants like Apple, and Google recently set up its first presence. The year before, Microsoft closed its physical stores to concentrate on its digital business.

To end with…

Opening retail operations can ideally position Meta to optimise sales growth and improve brand visibility, assuring more commencement.

It’d be a huge endeavour, but still, it makes perfect sense – and the company’s burgeoning product portfolio indicates that this is an area where there is room for growth.

A Meta shop could be opening in your neighbourhood mall shortly, allowing a more superficial connection to metaverse than purchasing a headset and checking in.

There’s still a long way to go, but each change brings the next level closer.


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