Byju’s launches unique campaign for Children’s Day for every curious kid

Byju’s unveils unique campaign for Children's Day for every curious kid
Byju’s unveils unique campaign for Children's Day for every curious kid

Byju’s launches a special digital campaign #CelebrateCuriosity for Children’s Day. The campaign honours children’s inquisitive minds while emphasizing the need of providing them with accurate information.

Our nation’s future is dependent on children. During any kid’s growing stage, we usually teach him to avoid interrogating, both deliberately and instinctively. The reason being, most adults don’t have straight explanations for their questions. Byju’s campaign hopes to encourage parents to be their children’s first teachers and assist them in discovering answers through the #CelebrateCuriosity campaign.

The in-house team conceptualized and produced the video in collaboration with Films Rajendraa. It illustrates children’s insatiable curiosity and their search for answers. The video starts with children popping random questions to their parents or grandparents. Some ask, “Why is water wet?”, “Who named all the things?”, “Why do we have two eyes if we can see with one eye as well”, “Why did the plate fall? Why won’t it fly?”, etc. 

The film reintroduces us to the child within us. Every adult was once a kid who went through the same phase of interrogating random questions and getting shushed by their parents. As a child, that age is the benchmark of knowledge building. The video says that no issue is off-limits as it helps to mould a child’s future.

Vineet Singh, VP, Brand and Creative Strategy, Byju’s, said, “Children are born curious, and we need to nurture and nourish this trait to help them become well-informed individuals. Byju’s aim has always been to decipher information in a conceptual manner, in turn encouraging students to become self-paced and active learners. With this campaign, we want to celebrate every child’s inquisitive best and encourage them to continue asking questions.”


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