Johny Lever and Truecaller take the lead in exposing scammers’ holiday scams

Johny Lever and Truecaller take lead in exposing scammers' holiday scams
Johny Lever and Truecaller take lead in exposing scammers' holiday scams

India’s comedy king Johny Lever with stand-up comedians Jesse and Jamie Lever, take on the helm to ruin phone scammers’ ‘Diwala’ for Diwali.

The holiday season is here with Johny Lever and Truecaller.

We’re all busy decorating our houses, catching up with friends and family. Yet, there’s one annoying trend that continues season after season: scam calls. Scam calls are at the top of the list of these few items. Throughout the holiday season, scammers come and defraud innocent people for their money and inner peace.

Back in the day, it was easy to scam people as Truecaller wasn’t available. Truecaller is a service for validating contacts and preventing unsolicited calls. Tejinder Gill, VP, global ad sales, claimed, “Out of the 200 million monthly active users (MAUs) globally, 150 million MAUs are from India.” The app’s statistics say, “740,000,000 scam calls ruined the Diwali of many.”

This year, the platform introduced a new iteration of the Jam The Scam campaign, featuring the comedic legend Johny Lever.

Daddy Lever visits home to crank up the intensity of scammers trying to exploit the gullible people during Diwali. The investigative pair of Jesse and Jamie Lever joins him. And then, the trio wastes their hours on the phone with scammers in two comical clips.

The first film, aptly dubbed ‘LOL-ttery,’ depicts how we are constantly besieged with SMSs congratulating us on winning large sums in odd lotteries and instructing us to phone a particular line to collect the reward. Johny Lever went a step further by choosing random numbers to confuse the scammer.

The plot is based on reality. It excites the audience’s sense of humour and ingrains a clear understanding of scam consciousness. The campaign highlights how Truecaller’s spam blocker performs a crucial role. It protects over 20 crore Indians in identifying, blocking, and reporting fraud.


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