This global chicken wing restaurant by DJ Khaled delivers chicken wings on Jet ski

This global chicken wing restaurant by DJ Khaled delivers chicken wings on jet ski
This global chicken wing restaurant by DJ Khaled delivers chicken wings on jet ski

DJ Khaled, a Grammy Award winner, recently co-founded the world’s largest fast-food business. It’s called Another Wing!

On 11th Nov, DJ Khaled opened a massive chicken-wing delivery startup with 150 kitchens in 5 countries on three continents. That sounds like a big deal! And for a bigger surprise, the restaurant may deliver food via Jet Ski (as soon as the chain expands).

In collaboration with ghost kitchen operator Reef Technology, the Emmy Award-winner launched this new chicken wing brand. It’s called Another One Wing. During the pandemic, ghost kitchens, a type of delivery-only restaurant, picked up steam. Federal regulations forced eateries to shift to delivery or takeaways as a last resort in cities across the globe.

This global chicken wing restaurant by DJ Khaled delivers chicken wings on jet ski

Another Wing by DJ Khaled

What is Another Wing by DJ Khaled?

Khaled hailed it as “the first restaurant concept to ever launch on three continents at the same time” in a conversation with Hypebeast.

Bloomberg said that the company’s first 150 kitchens will serve the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and the United Arab Emirates. Its operations are in New York, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver, among other cities across North America.

Khaled informed Hypebeast, “Reef approached me with the idea of making history.”

“Sharing something I love, like delicious food with my fans all over the world, how could I say no? It’s all about spreading love and showing people what is possible when you dream,” he explained, adding, “we goin’ global.”

“We’re going to do it different – not only do we deliver by land, but we will be delivering by sea – with jet ski’s offering boatside delivery. We’re doing everything new.”

What’s cooking?

Bone-in and boneless chicken wings are available on the menu, with a six-piece order priced at $6.95. To begin, there will be eight taste variations, like “Un Un Believable Buffalo,” “You Loyal!” “Lemon Pepper,” “Don’t Quit Nashville Hot,” “They Don’t Want You To Win TRUFFALO,” and “Honey! Honey! Hot Honey Sriracha”. These are some feisty names.

As for sides, jalapeno cheese fries and onion rings will be available, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Khaled is just one of many restaurant owners who have attempted to cash in during the sudden surge in demand for chicken wings delivery.

According to industry groups, chicken wings travel far more effectively than most foods, leaving them perfect for the ‘house arrest’ or ‘quarantine’ situations forced on people by the pandemic.

When Alan Philips, Reef’s chief creative officer, was brainstorming business ideas with Khaled, “wings stood out as something that is universally loved and can be brought to many areas,” he told Bloomberg.

To end with…

However, a state-wide poultry shortage resulted from increased demand for chicken and supply concerns such as factory slowdowns owing to COVID-19 and even failing roosters, which are compressing business margins.

Let’s hope the chicken wing is as impressive as DJ Khaled’s music. If not, it’s gonna disappoint millions of fans and chicken lovers.



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