Vaccination in reality can protect your GTA character, thanks to Pfizer campaign

Vaccination in reality can protect your GTA character, thanks to Pfizer campaign
Vaccination in reality can protect your GTA character, thanks to Pfizer campaign

Grand Theft Auto did something grand, one that nobody could imagine. Now the players in Brazil can get their characters jabbed.

Pfizer Brazil turned to Grand Theft Auto RolePlay (GTA RP), a user-modified version of the popular video game, to target youth and urge real-life coronavirus vaccines. With the support of Ogilvy Brazil and Druid, it devised a hashtag competition called #InGameVaccine.

Players can have their avatars immunized at one of the Pfizer vaccination sites in the Cidade Alta game. It’s the biggest and most-watched GTA RP community in Latin America, within the confines of the unique in-game task.

They can then share a photo on Instagram or Twitter with the campaign hashtag, proving that they have at least one dosage of any COVID vaccination, in reality, giving their avatars extra in-game immunity. A distinctive blue bandage symbolizes a digital vaccine on a character’s arm.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is essential..in reality, and GTA

With a daily viewership of more than 6 million cumulative views on numerous channels, Paulo Benetti, CEO of Outplay, which operates the Cidade Alta server, claimed that the platform attempts to bring entertainment. Additionally, people who watch the artists and streams or play on the Cidade Alta platform will gain information and awareness.

The ad is the newest trend of efforts by agencies and companies to promote vaccination. Fitzco, an Atlanta-based agency, has designed a clothing line for pro-vaccine conservatives to push COVID-19 vaccines. Tesco just released an ad featuring Santa flaunting his vaccination records.

Piuzinho, Gabepeixe, Taspio, and Babi were among the Twitch streamers and gaming influencers involved in the Pfizer promotion.

As per Reuters’ coronavirus vaccination tracker, 61% of Brazilians are fully vaccinated, with 77% receiving at least one shot.

Félix Del Valle, chief creative officer of Ogilvy Brazil, said, “We are proud to develop an unprecedented public health activation in partnership with a leading brand in the fight against the pandemic such as Pfizer.”

#InGameVaccine engages Generation Z directly, urging them to maintain their immunization.


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