3 Approaches For Delivering LinkedIn Ads To Your Target Audience

LinkedIn Ads To Your Target Audience
LinkedIn Ads To Your Target Audience

LinkedIn is a platform that tailors to the needs of professionals.

A company selling women’s beauty products profits more from LinkedIn Ads targeted, particularly to women. Your brand popularity will skyrocket by knowing your target audience and implementing strategies customized for them. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, LinkedIn is believed to be a platform that specifically caters to the requirements of professionals. However, the numbers have a different story to tell.

LinkedIn Highlights 

In 2020, LinkedIn became a platform with more than 740 million active users. This made them a close competitor of other social media platforms (and a suitable community member). The platform added new features like Stories, Carousel Posts, etc., to prove its mettle in the social media community.

Here are some highlights of LinkedIn:

As per a report of 2020, LinkedIn saw a spike of 50% in terms of content sharing.

Among many other social media platforms, LinkedIn came up as one of the most trusted ones in 2020.

According to a report of FY2020, the number of Live Streams on LinkedIn surged by 158%.

Pew Research Centre published research showing 49% of people on the internet making more than $75,000 every year are on LinkedIn.

Out of 5 members on LinkedIn, four are the decision-makers in their company. This makes the platform perfect for B2B companies.

With the backup of this knowledge, let’s delve into the approaches that help you reach your target audience.

LinkedIn Ads To Your Target Audience

How do LinkedIn ads target the audience?

3 Approaches For Targeting Audience through LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn recommends keeping the basic range of target audience as follows for different ad formats on its Business page.

Sponsored content – 50,000

Message Ads – 15,000

Text Ads – 50,000

InMail or Message ads can be sent directly as a message to various people, sponsored content is advertisements tagged ‘Sponsored’ in the target audience’s feed, and text ads are specially featured in written form on the sidebar.

Let’s take a look at the best approaches for targeting a professional audience.


As the saying in the marketing world goes, “You target no one when you target everyone,” knowing your focus is essential when it comes to advertisement. LinkedIn is filled with professionals and students searching for career growth, networking, and skill enhancement. Leverage the following features to select your target audience.

Company: LinkedIn features an optional targeting tool that filters your target audience based on the company they work at. Company connections, company industry, company size, company name, and company followers are some options to choose your audience from.

Education: Depending on the age of your target audience, you might want to select from an audience of students or working professionals. LinkedIn also allows you to choose the ‘field of study’ of your target audience.

Experience: The Job Experience section is subdivided into a Job function, seniority, member skills, and years of experience. Starting from the broader category of job function (Accounting, Arts & Design, Consulting, etc.), you can go on to select precise details like ‘years of experience.’

Interests: Companies promoting leisure, travel, and hobbies products and services can target audiences based on their interests. With this feature, your ads will reach people who have updated their profile with specific activities as their interest.


LinkedIn has innovative tools like ‘Audience Expansion’ that help you increase the scope of the target audience. Audience expansion looks at your list of currently targeted audiences and finds more people like them to add to your list. As these factors are directly proportional, expanding your range will expand your reach.


LinkedIn’s campaign manager enables individuals and companies to track the progress of their marketing campaigns. Through this tool, you can perform A/B testing (running two campaigns at a time) to see which one works the best. The Campaign Manager runs tests on your ad posts to filter the ones that performed the best. By continuing with the campaign that generated the most views, you can get a high Return on Investment.

Bonus Tips 

An online audience template can efficiently finish your work if you face a hard time researching the buyer’s persona. LinkedIn ads also have a feature named ‘Matched Audiences.’ With this, the system automatically creates a target audience by studying your email list.

Keep practising these approaches to prevent overspending on LinkedIn advertisements.


Account-based marketing for targeting the right audience

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