5G initiative by Three brought broadband to this Irish island, rescuing it from extinction


A lovely Irish island about five kilometres off the coast of the territory, Arranmore has been inadequately populated as a result of hundreds of years of emigration, has just been excluded from the government’s broadband plan.

No connectivity can lead to scarcity of business ventures, leading to unemployment, resulting in emigration. Everyone assumed that by 2040, Arranmore would be completely depopulated. If the presence on Arranmore went, the Gaeltacht language and its culture would vanish with it.

So Three Mobile, Ireland’s second-largest telecom, did what the government wouldn’t. It offered Arranmore the most remarkable thing – 5G connectivity.

After establishing the quickest possible connection on the island, locals were shown the best way to employ the technology, and the island was changed over.

It increased business ventures, changed the fishing sector, allowed adolescents to enrol in advanced education, improved medical treatment, and enlarged the travel industry.

The island’s community then wrote letters to Americans and Australians, thanking them for their contributions on the work front and inviting faraway workers to switch city life’s frantic pace for peace quality in Arranmore.

Following the campaign, more than 3,500 requests for immigrating to the island were received. The tourism business grew by 84%, providing a much-needed boost to the local financial framework, and 150 years of resettlement were upturned. The island was saved from extinction as a happy ending.


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