Best ways to measure your digital marketing performance

Best ways to measure your digital marketing performance
Best ways to measure your digital marketing performance


You may believe that the most important parts of evaluating your digital marketing performance are sales and lead creation. However, to assess the performance of a marketing campaign, you must think beyond the obvious. Assume you’re debating the campaign’s objectives. In that scenario, you may be able to come up with a lot more, such as boosting organic traffic to your brand’s website, increasing click-through rate, and enhancing social media presence.

So, these are the common marketing goals, which are backed up by data analysis. Moreover, you must be acquainted with specific digital marketing metrics to track the performance of your campaign and improve brand visibility and conversion rates.

Depending on your customer journey and experience, you should concentrate on the metrics and KPIs listed below to measure your digital marketing performance.

KPIs help in establishing clear campaign goals to carry out digital marketing approaches seamlessly. 

Best ways to measure your digital marketing performance

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  • Overall traffic on the website

Your official website defines your brand and services. Therefore, increasing traffic towards it should be your main goal. No matter what your focus is, whether it’s email marketing engagement, increasing the follower base, or earning links. Measuring your website traffic regularly can offer in-depth performance insights. 

  • New and returning visitors

To effectively measure your digital marketing strategy success, you must know how compelling your content is. With this KPI, you can track the number of new visitors and visitors returning from the site. 

  • Pageviews

One of the greatest ways to measure your digital marketing success is by calculating the number of times someone visited your page. When you know this timeframe for the number of times someone visited your page, you can easily measure if your site has a real-time value or not.

  • Pages most visited

Once you know which page of your site is most visited, you can use indicators like heat maps to know which position of a specific page grabbed visitors’ attention. With this, you can find the most effective ways to improve the quality of your page. 


The customer journey on your website helps you know how to measure your digital marketing performance effectively. Apart from the aforementioned, you also need to track the traffic by source, sessions, bounce rate, exit rate, etc. 


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