Tanishq Jewellery believes marriage is a lifelong bond, not just a ritual

Tanishq Jewellery believes marriage is a lifelong bond, not just a ritual
Tanishq Jewellery believes marriage is a lifelong bond, not just a ritual

Tanishq Jewellery, in collaboration with Dentsu Webchutney and Superfly, unveiled #MarriageConversations, a new campaign to redefine India’s marriage paradigm.

The three-minute film by Tanishq Jewellery encourages couples on their journey down the aisle to discuss their marriage. Marriage is a serious commitment, rather than just the ceremony.

The film includes tales of many couples addressing problems. The problems could be related to the family’s financial responsibilities and whether or not their partner is alright with adoption. One of the main characters suffers from anxiety. So, she expects her future husband to be there for her even when things get hard. It depicts couples having an open and truthful talk before tying the marriage. They ensure each other that their relationship will get off to a strong start.

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Ranjani Krishnaswamy, general manager marketing, Tanishq, said, “This wedding season, we want to encourage young couples who are taking the next big step of their lives to pause and talk about the marriage they envision with each other. A conversation where they feel the comfort and honesty with their partners to discuss what truly matters to them.”

Tanishq wishes to capture these sincere talks that build-up to the partners’ “when it rings true” moment with Tanishq’s engagement rings, he added.

Binaifer Dulani, creative director, Dentsu Webchutney, added, “We’re proud of the brand for inspiring and encouraging soon-to-be-married couples to get raw and real and build a strong foundation together, as they inevitably set on a rollercoaster of a journey that is life. We hope couples across India will feel empowered to be vulnerable with each other and talk about their future before they take the big step.”

Kopal Naithani, director and founder, Superfly Productions, said, “For me, the best creative work is also deeply personal. This film took me back to the conversation I had with my husband 11 years ago. Our mission at Superfly has always been to use the power of storytelling to build a more progressive society.”


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