But first, let me send a WhatsApp New Year text

But first, let me send a WhatsApp New Year text
But first, let me send a WhatsApp New Year text

WhatsApp’s latest campaign aims to commemorate the most popular messaging days for users, building on the joy of December 31. What’s the concept? It’s not 2022 unless you’ve gotten dozens of new WhatsApp texts.

The Meta-owned chat app is operational as midnight on New Year’s Eve is its biggest period to get traffic. In 2020, 100 billion messages were transmitted on WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve, like no other day in the app’s 10-year existence. Furthermore, WhatsApp set a record of 1.4 billion video and audio calls made in a single day.

The commercial is live in the US, UK, Brazil, India, and Germany. It portrays people everywhere around the globe getting close to midnight. Finally, the important “happy new year” texts arrive when the clock hits 12:00 AM.  A cathedral in Nigeria, a patio in Mumbai, and the beaches of Brazil are among the locations. The slogan states, “It’s not the New Year until you get the message you’ve been waiting for.”

WhatsApp’s global campaign tries to make a story of New Year’s 2021

BBDO’s San Francisco and Berlin offices conceived the ad. And Niclas Larsson directed it through Iconoclast.

According to Vivian Odior, WhatsApp’s global brand and integrated marketing head, WhatsApp is a vital New Year’s Eve element. Every year, individuals worldwide depend on the app to remain in touch with their friends and family. And offer their warmest greetings for the following year. He added, “This is why our new campaign focuses on telling a diverse set of stories that all demonstrate the private and personal moments that help people move into the new year.”

“New Year’s Eve is one of the few global moments that really brings people together. So, it was great to pair this with the universal insight that on a personal level the celebration doesn’t really happen until you hear from the people you know and love, and that more often than not those people can only reach you in that moment through WhatsApp,” added Tres Colacion, global creative lead at BBDO.

“In each format, we set out to capture the essence of what it feels like to receive the message you’ve been waiting for. While the work takes us across the globe, the team worked tirelessly to craft a visual world where each of our protagonists is the main character of their own night.”

The campaign officially began on Monday, December 20.


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