Deeplinks can do all: From user activation to conversions

Deeplinks can do all: From user activation to conversions
Deeplinks can do all: From user activation to conversions


A deeplink is a URL (uniform resource locator) that refers to an internet address, name, or file. We use links for a variety of things these days. Directing users to a specific product page, running any paid campaign on Facebook, directing users to an app store via email or the web, and communicating and educating users about special offers or deals in the app are just some of the things one may do.

It is believed that more than 60% of app users usually drop off less than 24 hours after download, thereby decreasing friction and hence, improving customer experience is a huge deal. 

Deeplinking is a technology that launches an app and guides you to open a specific page when the user clicks a URL on a web page or any other app. Deeplinks help you optimize the user experience and substantially increase your conversion rate. 

Why do we need deeplinks?

Deep links make the users’ journey between apps and the web seamless. It also allows advertisers to convert those users, significantly increasing your ROI.

For example, you want to create a campaign to promote Diwali gifts to get shoppers on your eCommerce app. You use “Diwali gifts” as a category in your campaign, displaying all your stock. But you would also prefer to view those items on your app compared to your webpage. This is where deeplinks play a pioneering role. 

If users have the app installed on their devices, they need to click the link to open and display all the products. 

In a way, deeplinks help you provide an enhanced user experience and increase your sales and conversion rate.

Two types of deeplinks

Default deeplinks

A default deeplink directs the user to an app-only if it is installed. If the app is not installed on the device, the link will not reach the app’s endpoint, showing an error message. This type of link is more beneficial for retargeting. Like, where the marketer is more interested in finding users who have the app installed and want them to return.

Deferred deeplinks

These links direct users to the app store or play store if they don’t already have the app, and then back to the original page. For example, if you are looking for a pair of a jacket, it will first direct you to download the app. After downloading it, the request product page will open when you open the app. 

Benefits of deeplinks

Deep linking is one of the most versatile methods of increasing conversion and retention. They optimize the user journey and make the process as user-friendly as possible. Some of the prominent benefits of deep linking are-

  • Enhanced user experience

With the help of deeplinks, a single click can connect a user to the chosen destination. There are no multiple tedious paths to be followed or frustrated customers who are forced to search for the desired item by themselves. The in-app notifications also play an essential role here. They guide users and boost engagement.

  • Seamless user-funnelling

A deeplink directly send a user to a specific in-app location without navigating here and there. Apart from improving user experience, this also means that you can optimize campaigns around a single-page catalogue without worrying about user navigation.

  • Better conversions

Deeplinks are an excellent way to improve the user experience because they have a higher conversion and retention rate than other links. The activation rate also helps you understand if the new users achieve perceived value.

  • Re-engaging users

About 46% of SEO experts believe that retargeting is a great but most underused online marketing strategy. If a user fills their cart with some products but never hits the checkout button, you can retarget them in advertising campaigns and use deeplinks to direct them to the product pages. 


Deeplinks are a powerful tool that can boost your engagement. However, one needs to plan the deeplinking strategy to reap its benefits carefully. Deeplinking can simply do wonders to grow your app and create a tailored customer experience. 


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