Ryan Reynolds wishes everyone Merry ‘Sexmas’ with racy ad

Ryan Reynolds wishes everyone Merry 'Sexmas' with racy ad
Ryan Reynolds wishes everyone Merry 'Sexmas' with racy ad

“Have Sexmas!” instead of Christmas! The holiday commercial for sexual health brand Hims, which collaborated with Ryan Reynolds’ agency Maximum Effort, has that motto.

Ryan Reynolds’ agency Maximum Effort and telehealth brand Hims are pushing the provocative campaign ‘Sexmas’. Why? To spotlight the crucial problem of erectile dysfunction.

The commercial starts with the camera rolling through an easter calendar. You can see a man’s hand unfolding boxes to reveal a wonderful sweet. On the last day of the video, he discovers a tiny blue pill instead of finding a chocolate treat. ‘Unwrap each other this year,’ says the catchphrase at the end of the ad.

‘Intimacy is a gift every loving relationship deserves,’ Hims said, encouraging anyone who has erectile dysfunction to visit its website. The company provides a free consultation during which customers may be prescribed medicine to help them with their problems.

“It’s odd that intimacy literally brings relationships closer together, and yet we don’t talk about it all during the season of warmth and giving to others,” said George Dewey, president of Maximum Effort and chief brand officer of MNTN. “We’re thankful Hims has the bravery to bring it up. No disrespect to Hershey’s kisses, but real kisses would do the world – and a lot of families – a lot more good, and we wanted to shine a little Christmas light on that.”

The holiday event will take place during December, and it will be backed up by sponsored digital and social media channels and an out-of-home (OOH) effort, including a prime Times Square ad spot.

With the debut of his creative agency, Maximum Effort, Ryan Reynolds has turned advertising upside down in the last three years.


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