E-Commerce Marketing ultimate guide to digital Coupons


There’s no denying the fact that juicy promotional offers are exceptionally hard to resist. For a vast group of shoppers, getting coupons, discounts, and other deals are as exciting as getting a new pair of shoes or jacket. These are often used to evoke consumers to make the next purchase and increase sales conversion. This cycle keeps on continuing! 

Savvy online shoppers know the art of using coupons smartly. They don’t want to pay the actual amount. They feel reassured about winning a deal. According to a report released by Hawk Incentives, nearly 97% of consumers believe they look for exciting deals when they shop. Whereas 92% say they are always on the hunt to find promotional offers while shopping. Today, in this article, we are going to dig deeper into e-commerce coupons and highlight what they do. 

What are Digital Coupons in E-commerce marketing? 

In simple terms, digital coupons are promotions or discounts offered by an e-commerce business owner to current or potential customers, which ultimately boost sales. Digital coupons are majorly used as an e-commerce marketing strategy to attract sales. These include a certain discount percentage, scratch coupons, free shipping, and other coupons that leave customers excited. 

E-Commerce Marketing Coupon Campaign Examples 

  • Welcome coupons 

When a customer visits your website, treat them as your guest. Offer them a coupon on their first order that fills their heart with joy. You can either go for a pop-up coupon or send it in their mail. This will help bridge the gap and ensure that your customer leaves with an excellent shopping experience. Hence, it’s a win-win deal for you! 

  • Flash sale 

To boost site traffic, do not wait for festivals, start the 24-hours or 72-hours flash sale today. Also, offer free shipping to generate more revenue. Just set a time for your products to excite and build hunger that encourages customers to make a purchase. 

  • New product coupons 

When your website launches new products, it deserves a big announcement. One way to drive crazy awareness is through generating free coupons with the products to grab your customers’ attention and evoke them to make a purchase. Make sure to use the time-limit strategy while offering discounts. Appeal to your most loyal customers about your newly launched product through social, medical hands, or emails along with the product coupons. Ask them to review and rate your products. Positive reviews will boost your momentum, whereas the feedback will help in improvement. 

  • Holiday coupons 

What better than holiday coupons to generate sales ? Offer holiday coupons with great deals. Send them a customized mail saying 15% off shopping for more than xx amount and above. You can send specialized coupons inside e-cards on special days. It will also promote your brand. 

Other Strategies to increase E-Commerce Marketing

Offer a small discount to prompt customers. Give the discount while prompting them to sign up for email and create a long list. ‘20% discount on purchases of $100 or above’, sounds practical to lure customers and increase sales. Automatic coupons can also be used for promotion that will more likely increase order values. Also, these are more rewarding for customers. 

Flash a minimum percent code on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and also on mail to compare among these channels which works best. 

Learn from Swiggy and Zomato

As Covid-19 hit economies worldwide severely, food aggregators Swiggy and Zomato improved their strategies of offering discounts and coupons to acquire customers. As the pandemic situation got better, Swiggy and Zomato offered hefty discounts of up to 60% and were consistent in their strategies. Swiggy said while some tier 2 cities saw 50% user growth others saw the highest record number of growth. 

The above case study suggests that offering discounts and coupons is a great way to acquire customer base and keep them consistent. Most importantly, if combined with the right timing, it can go a long way in benefiting brands. In case of coupons, they should match customer needs but to make it successful marketers should continuously adjust them according to the needs of customers. 

To know more about e-commerce marketing or coupons, click here! 


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