Ecommerce marketing trends for 2022


Ecommerce marketing is all about following the latest trends and gimmicks to keep the customers engaged. Customers don’t look only for product specifications and prices anymore. They are also interested in the views, opinions, and history of the brands they are investing in. Also, they want the brands to make them feel special on every important day of their lives. Therefore, sending birthday greetings or special discount offers to customers on birthdays has already become a trend.

Latest ecommerce marketing trends for 2022

Being in touch with the customers

Conversations have replaced the old ways of communicating with customers. Almost every ecommerce brand nowadays uses in-app services like customer call centres, email desks, chatbots, etc. These services enable brands to connect better with their customers.

Brands like Amazon don’t just take orders and deliver them within the delivery date. They also keep their customers updated about each and every process that their ordered product is going through. They send updates via email and SMS notifying them if their order has shipped, arrived, or is on the way. Also, their customer communication does not end after delivery. They also take feedback and ratings on the experience of the customers just to ensure that everything is on the right track. Therefore, being in constant touch with customers remains the most impactful Ecommerce marketing trend even in 2022.

Sustainable initiatives

Buyers, especially those who are young and care for the environment, are concerned about brands’ activity on issues. For example, global warming, LGBT issues, or movements like black lives matter. Therefore, ecommerce websites that make bold statements on sustainability and social issues will surely gain worldwide recognition in 2022.Conversations

Apart from being vocal, the brands should also share their values and responsibility towards society. Show concerns to relate with a wider audience.

AI data, i.e. information obtained through artificial intelligence, is used to deliver better customer experiences. This trend will continue to grow in 2022 as well. For example, several ecommerce retailers like North Face use Watson, invented by IBM. They get aware of customers’ preferences. AI technologies will integrate Chatbots, CRM, and others to enhance the experience of customers.


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