Google Ads Gets better with New Updates and Changes


Google Ads always comes up with something innovative and insightful for the advertisers. This time it has decided to integrate some new features and modify existing ones. It will offer better flexibility to the advertisers in terms of keyword research and forecasting. These four main highlights among the several changes will come up in the coming period:

Highlights to suggest changes in Google Ads

Keyword Planner and Performance Max Campaigns with API Support

Google Ads API will replace the AdWords API from April 2022.  It will include API support for keyword planners and Performance Max Campaigns. As a result, advertisers would be able to leverage keywords and data in a better way. The API will enable them to create keyword ideas and metrics based on the monthly search average for the past year. Forecasting metrics such as cost, impressions, click-through rate, etc., for existing campaigns will also be available.

Google Ads’ Insights Page with Demand Forecast

Upgraded demand forecast on the Insight Page is available.  Advertisers will be able to forecast trends and patterns for the search interests for services/products by utilizing historical data.

Google Ads to have updated Performance Planner

The Performance Planner will have a column named ‘Suggested Changes’. It will provide advertisers with the budget and other significant suggestions. Advertisers will be able to include secondary metrics in the performance plan. That will expose the metrics other than the key ones. Selecting a time range that worked in the past will be possible. The plan includes deleted, modified, and drafted campaigns manually or by using their past performances.

Resolved T-ROAS’s Spending Fluctuations

Google Ads resolved the spending fluctuations, which its users experienced, on 2nd December 2021. To resolve the doubts and complaints of the users, it identified and fixed immediately the issue.

As an advertiser, you can use all these updates and fixes to improve your ad campaigns.


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