Google’s Video Carousel generates free organic search traffic. How?

Google's Video Carousel generates free organic search traffic. How?
Google's Video Carousel generates free organic search traffic. How?

Google’s Video Carousel

Google is putting a lot more emphasis on videos. You can rank on the first page of Google SERPs in one of their prominent areas (which they call a “video carousel”), and if your video content ranks there, it indicates that you have an audience who searches for your chosen keyword phrase. Getting to the top of these search results pages by just optimizing your video has some significant advantages.

According to a recent analysis, videos receive substantial Organic Search Traffic in mobile search results. A video carousel occupies nearly the entire screen.

Hyperlink videos on your site

The final approach to improving your YouTube video’s ranking is to provide a link to it on your own website. Backlinks are one of several important ranking signals. Here are some of the greatest ways to hyperlink back to a certain page on your YouTube channel.

  • YouTube’s built-in annotation feature.
  • Embedding the video on your site by sharing the video on other websites.
  • Embedding the video behind a URL gate.

How can brands use these Video Advertisements?

Videos in this section should provide customers with a clear and comprehensive guide to the brand or products being promoted. For example, if you are a wedding dress designer, it becomes beneficial for potential brides, driving them into your sales funnel.


According to Google’s search results, Google’s carousel answers 50% of all queries. And, some businesses are reporting a 25% increase in conversions simply by a feature in these videos.

The carousel in Google’s search results is extremely useful and requires little effort to optimize. When users search for related queries, video snippets from various sources such as YouTube are provided.


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