Optimizing B2B sales funnel with data-backed practices

Optimizing B2B sales funnel with data-backed practices
Optimizing B2B sales funnel with data-backed practices

The B2B industry has taken a drastic leap in recent years. The sector has increased customer engagement by allowing easy access to its services and products without a sales rep’s guidance.

In the B2B sales funnel, it’s common knowledge that the first step in business is to make a sale. But for sales to be profitable and ongoing, a different approach must be used. For sales and marketing to be effective, they must adapt to the changing buying habits brought about by the internet.

You can now influence people to make the purchasing decision faster and build a strong relationship within a small span. You can do this by letting the customer know how the buyer flow works and enhancing the experience to make decisions faster. Now the question is, how can this be achieved in the real-time scenario? Simply by making better use of the data. We will explore how B2B sales utilize the data to create a self-serve business model. Every business aims to provide an enjoyable and satisfying customer journey at every touchpoint.

Creating a website and then waiting for visitors to come is a waste of time. A business owner or senior executives are left perplexed by poor digital channel performance. Knowing your B2B sales funnel guarantees that your marketing does not simply lure leads into one silo, and your sales do not merely pitch their prospects into another silo.

How can a B2B company misuse the data if they don’t wholly know its usage?

When running a business, you have to ensure that the customer journey experience needs to be like Disneyland. For example, you know exactly how much you have to pay for the best ride to give you the best experience. Unfortunately, many B2B companies are still missing these essences, and as a result, their customer experience suffers. Often, sales representatives fail to update the required online business information. If the customer doesn’t get correct data when needed, it can affect B2B sales. Here are some tips to help you use data to optimize your B2B business. 

How to use data to enhance your B2B customer’s journey like B2C

Make your business more self-serving

The decision-maker doesn’t always communicate with the sales representatives at a B2B company. However, if representatives offer self-service to customers, almost 75 % of the buyers will be happy to communicate with representatives. If they provide helpful information to the customer, there is a huge opportunity to increase Lead Generation. Using the self-serve system for the customer to know more about the product will increase the company’s transactions. When a customer explore a product, they come independently. 

You have to understand how you can be a part of the customer’s lifestyle.

Today, the market is for a company that has robust data. Once you comprehend the lifestyle of the potential customer, both personal and professional, you can strategize sales and marketing promotional campaigns and messages accordingly. Knowing a customer’s lifestyle lets, you understand customer emotions. 

Aggressively sell to your top and potential customers

B2C companies promote aggressively to their loyal and premium customers. With a small potential customer pool, B2B companies have gained a good amount of revenue in the past. 

  • Identify premium customers by checking their maximum purchase data. 
  • Check the data of last year’s calendar to identify potential customers. 

Make the journey of the customer more collaborative

When mapping customer journeys, engage the customer in the entire process because customers interact with the business. Hence, you have to involve the customer and increase the data count, which will increase the sales funnel. You can host live interactive sessions and ask them how to improve your business’s customer experience. 


In the world of digitalization, data is power. In this cutthroat competitive market, a company with reliable data is king; lead generation is significant in increasing any company’s revenue. Hence, you can use the data to optimize the B2B sales funnel.


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