How Netflix leveraged Spotify to raise awareness and interest in its content?


Netflix is known to offer its viewers anything they want; the same is with the music platform Spotify. Both platforms have something for their viewers and listeners. Perhaps, that’s why Netflix and Spotify decided to leverage each other’s power in order to offer ‘something little extra’ to everyone. With the help of Spotify, Netflix scored high viewership.

The campaign emphasized on three most popular series on Netflix: Stranger Things, Sacred Games, and Extraction. Spotify deserves applause for creating an enthralling and multiformat experience by making a playlist for them as if the characters were alive. Gaitonde, Sartaj, Guruji, Dustin, and all the heroes from here, have their own playlist. Now, the listeners only have to identify what kind of playlist they fit, meaning their superhero persona – it sounds like a super fun mission.

Netflix and Spotify have a varied audience which consists of millennials and Gen Z. These cohorts are the king of the internet. They like having a choice, but they only choose a fantastic thing. But that’s good, right. Netflix intended to touch base out to this entertainment-obsessed, thrill-seeking population in order to promote content exploration and attract new users. And it was precisely this following that they discovered on Spotify.

On Spotify’s site, an interactive banner was created for Stranger Things. When users clicked on the masthead, The Spotify UI app began to glitch, and suddenly, an in-show universe overtook the screen. As the spooky experience of a hypothetical universe from the series impacted the UI/UX of the Spotify app, playlist artwork and names would transform to series’ characters. This was backed by 3D Audio, which used a genuine listening experience to bring the creatures’ growls to life.

For Sacred Games, customized branded playlists were made to bring the performance and show’s atmosphere to life. Music provided a way for listeners to connect with the show and become captivated. Sartaj, the good cop, has Punjabi music on his playlist, whereas Gaitonde, the bad guy, has nasty Indian hip-hop. Guruji, the self-declared messiah of humanity, has his own spiritual music collection.

Spotify produced an experience that was just as opulent and entertaining for the action film Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth as a soldier on a quest. To offer individualized experiences, this digital experience made advantage of Spotify API. Listeners were given 3D audio advertisements that directed them to a page to respond to a few easy questions to discover what type of soldier they would be. Spotify’s Streaming Intelligence stepped in to make listeners mission-ready by delivering a personalized playlist tailored to them.

Why did Netflix do this one-of-a-kind thing with the Spotify app? Because the majority of the listeners use their phones to use the app and spend most of their valuable time doing so. Millennials and Gen Z spend 15% more on entertainment, 22% more on smartphones, and are 2x more certain to be from a higher economic status. It’s no surprise, then, that Netflix partnered with Spotify for a year to harness Spotify’s Streaming Intelligence to connect to the existing viewers and convert new members.

Netflix did great with the campaign and got exactly what it wanted from Spotify. Netflix reached more than 9 million listeners, almost 400 million impressions were served, 2x times more than the actual engagement was made, and 80% of the Spotify’s subscribers considered in a survey to stream Netflix.


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