Fastrack and Coca Cola are “Awesome Together” in the latest campaign


Fastrack, India’s most popular youth accessory brand, has teamed up with Coca–Cola for massive collaboration. Fastrack’s ‘Awesome Together’ campaign included a virtual ad campaign that showed several super cool watches for Gen-Z, as well as interesting secrets and videos.

Fastrack has adopted an unusual approach to announce the combined endeavour of Fastrack and Coca-Cola to engage with its crowds. The ‘Awesome Together’ promoting effort honours the two famous youth brands’ outstanding souls and infuses the complete with a sparkling mixture, raising the superb remainder to an indent. By designing those exceptional watches, the brand hopes to evoke feelings of love and freedom in our younger audience, who embrace uniqueness like no one else. Simple plans, unique, completely delighted small elements on the dial and bold flies of shade are featured in the collection, starting at Rs 1895.

Mr. Ajay Maurya, Marketing Head, Fastrack, commented on the collaboration, “We are thrilled to be introducing yet another innovative and unconventional collaboration with a spirited brand like Coca-Cola. The idea for this campaign stems from the thought – We live in a time where the potential of coming together has never been greater. While we can forge great things alone, working with the right partner can truly turn great into something truly special. The youth-focused brands have been bringing the GenZ together over the years and with times getting better we are celebrating the burst of optimism with our campaign highlighting #AwesomeTogether. It gives a reason to the youth to keep fuelling ideas and build an inclusive mindset just like Fastrack and Coke.”

The virtual promoting effort that turned into a show began with secrets on epic collaboration via Instagram stories, then used an absolutely Fastrack method to showcase the collaborative work with ‘Breaking Hearts postings.’ This became in line with the guide of utilising the #AwesomeTogether marketing campaign and the watches with a series of brief videos, each with its own energy and personality. The brand has an AR Filter on Instagram to allow crowds to collaborate and see “How much Coke/Fastrack you have in you?” With numerous such challenges available through online media and store-principally based facts, there may be enough risk to pick out a few confections from this completely thrilling collection.

The collaboration also delivers fresh new services for teenagers, allowing them to get their hands on the best of every manufacturer within the state of one item variety. Fastrack has distributed nine watches within the Coca-Cola mark, each animated to employ the numerous design variables of the world’s best drink. The products are enthused, with a reformer design in black and red colours and rich ties that provide an eminent and gorgeous inspection convenient expenses while reflecting how new affiliations and a range of meditations are all wonderful.


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