Swiggy’s new TV commercials reintroduce iconic nostalgic ads, but with a twist


Swiggy has created a series of television commercials (TVCs) and digital videos for Instamart, its food delivery service. The popular TVC symbolises acceptable use-occasions for the Instamart supplier and includes its short car season of 15-30 minutes, utilising intelligent retakes on some of the most persistent commercials from the many previous years.

The popular TV commercial features a nearly identical unique take on the famous duo who cross squarely into a surprise each time they take a bite of chocolate. The modern depicts the absurd twins in the traditional scene of a tailor’s shop, where they ask the tailor to shorten the length on a pant.

To pass the time, they go into their wallet and look through their favourite chocolate bar but only manage to come up with empty wrappers. Because the voice-over performs within the foundation, a lady Swiggy delivery partner shouts to them as they stand looking at each other, introducing the favourite chocolate bars “Need chocolates instantly? Use Swiggy Instamart, while reiterating that Swiggy Instamart is always there to fulfil your grocery needs.”

Swiggy ran an ad in September that depicted an old lady angry that she had run out of salt to go with her fries, bringing back the slogan ‘Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai?’ from the past. Soon after, a correspondent appears, enquiring about the possibility of salt in her toothpaste.

The old lady becomes angry as a result of the lack of salt on her table, as well as in her toothpaste. A Swiggy delivery partner appears soon after, carrying a salt bundle close by, as a voice-over plays inside the foundation “Need salt instantly? Use Swiggy Instamart. Groceries and more, delivered in 15-30 minutes!”

Ashish Lingamneni, head of the brand at Swiggy, said, “Swiggy is committed to bringing convenience to consumers’ doorstep and has pioneered the quick commerce model for instant delivery of groceries and essentials for the time-pressed urban consumer. Our latest Instamart ads do just that while driving home the point that, no matter what the situation, you can rely on Instamart to provide for your grocery needs, be it a packet of salt or a bar of chocolate to satiate your late-night cravings.”

“Launching a new product in the grocery delivery space – one that is inundated by so many strong players was a real challenge. So we decided to grab eyeballs with a unique idea – by riding on the nostalgia of some beloved ads and giving it a humorous twist. The objective was to deliver Swiggy Instamart’s message in a novel format, one that would stick out as an enjoyable, entertaining piece of communication,” said Puneet Kapoor, regional creative officer, Lowe Lintas.



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