UK will have its first free high street pharmacy skin advice service, thanks to Superdrug


Superdrug will be launching gleaming new skin advice and cure service in the coming weeks, primary for the UK high road.

They’re teaching pharmacists to assist various skin conditions and then, if necessary, prescribe the least complicated treatment options.

Acne and eczema are two conditions they should be on the lookout for and for which treatment is likely to be helpful, as they’re two of the most common pores and skin conditions in the UK.

Superdrug’s strategy aims to increase the number of advice people may get on their skin’s health and make it more widely available so that discussions can be casual and free of charge.

Over 50 % of adults have visited a doctor for noticeable skin disease, but according to Superdrug’s research, individuals are less reluctant to seek treatment due to system flaws and long wait times.

By giving hints and suggestions, it aims to close some of that gap.

The health company has also teamed up with influencers to show off their skin without makeup in the hopes of normalizing common skin issues.

To boost Superdrug’s Skinceptance campaign, influencers bared their natural skin (Source: Superdrug)Skinceptance campaign

“Skin is often the focus on the perception of health and beauty,” says Dr Sara Kayat, a Superdrug ambassador, and “as well as resolving difficulties from a medical standpoint, this aspect is recognized as well.

She believes that the new service will “allow people to live more confidently in the skin they’re in as well as helping to treat their skin conditions.”

According to Superdrug’s research, 2/3rd of people are conscious of their skin, about half have lost self-confidence as a result of it, 41% have been humiliated by it, and 24% have even stopped mixing up because they feel bad to be around people.

In terms of wellbeing, it affects people as well, as 21% said their mental health has suffered as a result of their complexion, with a few people experiencing depression.

The brand discovered that 95 percent of individuals aged eleven to thirty suffer from acne, while one out of every twelve adults suffers from skin inflammation.

Caris Newson, head of healthcare services at Superdrug, says, “As our research has shown, skin conditions can, unfortunately, have a huge impact on an individual’s self-esteem. Our new service will hopefully go some way in giving people an easy and convenient way to get professional help, advice or treatment for their skin, simply by visiting their local high street Superdrug pharmacy.”


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