Nykaa encourages women to be Nayakas of their own lives


Nykaa has launched a campaign called “Kahaani Koi Bhi Ho, Tum Hi Ho Nayaka”. Conceptualized by Sideways Consulting, the campaign is a true reminder that every woman must love herself like she is the main character in her life. The film consists of 6 inspiring stories that display a woman’s journey – how the life of a woman is consumed with everyday struggles and how she overcomes every challenge.

A STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) entrepreneur, a bike stuntwoman, a mountaineer mom, a hijabi rapper, a transgender doctor, and a mid-life Chessmaster are featured in the video. Every one of these women is on their individual paths, yet a unifying theme of dedication links them.

The film urges every woman to realize that she must raise her voice and understand how superior she is, like the Nayaka (heroine) of her journey. Nykaa has done a great job creating videos that show beauty does not come with makeup but confidence & determination. Beauty is a transformative power that is more than outward appearance.

Shalini Raghavan, group CMO, Nykaa, said, “The story of every woman who imagines and discovers her life’s own narrative, needs to be told and celebrated. How a woman chooses to express herself is about heart and intuition and at Nykaa we will always be her champion. Through this film we reiterate this commitment to ignite her flight to be the nayaka of her own story.” The campaign will be broadcast on television and online.


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