Lego recreated Toyota GR Supra with thousands of LEGO bricks that actually drives


Lego constructed a 100% recreation of Toyota’s GR Supra made of 477,303 LEGO bricks that truly functions to mark the sports car’s 35th anniversary.

For the ‘toy’ car, the team spent 2,400 hours meticulously stitching together nearly half a million squares. However, that is only part of the story. The vehicle’s designs needed a total of 3,000 hours to build before they could be assembled.

While the mode’s limit was made up of blocks such as the detailed console, dash, front seat, steering wheel, the vehicle’s wheels, driver’s seat, gauge cluster, infotainment device derived from a real car, and the car even features a set of running headlights.

The enormous vehicle weighs 1,885 kilogrammes and is equipped with an electrically controlled drivetrain that lets it go at speeds of up to 28 kilometres per hour, which is excellent given how bad traffic is in most cities.

Lego fans and motorheads can visit Legoland Japan from now until October 11th to see the reproduction. The imitation is scheduled to make its debut in the Japanese Super GT racing lineup after that.


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