Lyse skincare campaign series is a full-fledged humour & trustworthiness show


Lyse, a Thailand-based skincare brand, created a collection of short-format adverts by teaming up with WorkkIt, a marketing and advertising agency located in Bangkok. The campaign aims to boost the appealing element of the advertising effort to gain admiration for the brand’s primary target group – children ranging from teenagers to more young professionals.

The advertising campaign is made up of a variety of elements: humorous, fascinating, and new. The marketing campaign revolves around the theme of a midnight house. The theme components of this advertising effort series are hilarious and engaging conditions that one would find in the evening time.

The initial advertisement Boy’s love series is all about a series marathon, so if you’re in the mood for one more scene, Lyse reminds you that your skin needs a fantastic serum treatment before you binge the entire evening.

Even as one parchment their feeds, the second advertisement Online Gossiping provides full of the late-evening gossips sessions. Lyse grants permission to make tattle evenings that are skin-friendly.


The third advertisement assignment deals with the long-term companion: procrastination. Lyse intends to manage the healthy skin game even as she plunks down with the entirety of the upcoming tasks.

The fourth advertisement on the agenda is a couple’s chitchat, which appears to be concluding the evening’s activities.

The final advertisement on the agenda, the House Party, begins with a few children celebrating and enjoying. Suddenly, a beat drops and the useless grandma’s phantom confirms that the youngsters don’t forget to use the serum because they have another long evening ahead of them.

The plots are clever, distinctive, and likely to resonate well with the brand’s target audience.


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