Pinterest, Google use video creation tools to boost performance


Digital content was already gaining ground when video creation on social media started attracting attention. Live streaming and short-video formats has made video creation tools popular on social media. It embedded video content that created opportunities for users. They can go live, add filters, make videos of any length and format.  

In 2017 Tik Tok created a whole new dimension in social media sphere. It garnered more than one billion downloads in 150 markets worldwide and 75 languages in just two years. Users can easily make video of any genre to create and share on their phones. The success of this app can be gauged from its easy-to-use interface along with click-bait news, entertainment and various other genres. It tracks users’ preferences with powerful AI.  

This popularity can be analyzed by the increase in their total revenue over the past years. From collecting $63 million in 2017 to getting a spike up to $1.9 billion in 2020, TikTok is winning the market. On average, TikTok has recorded a cumulative number of downloads of 2.6 billion by 2020, with around 600 million users worldwide. 

How Good Is Video Creation Tools Good For The Audience? 

Most successful brands have expanded their use of video to facilitate customer journey for building better relationships, educate and convert buyers, and improve customer satisfaction. From creative campaign videos, customer testimonials and personalized product demos, video are involved at all stages of the marketing and sales funnel.  

Through webinars businesses can directly interact with their customers, answer specific questions, thereby building trust and relation. This can be made easy through softwares like GoToWebinar or Livestorm. A survey by Demand Metric reveals that 74% of B2B marketers reported video conversion better than other content type. Twitter revealed that tweets with video get 10 times more engagement. Digiday says Facebook has over 8 billion video views a day. Facebook said that live streams get six times as many interactions as regular videos.  

Different Names but Similar Games 

Instagram started providing video creation tools service under the name of Reels, where people could add music to their existing videos or create videos on the music available on Instagram. YouTube, powered by Google, also introduced something similar with YouTube Shorts, which opens this video creation tool to different content creators on YouTube. 

Dubsmash by Reddit was way famous before TikTok even came into the picture. Soon, the platform started to lose its popularity because of decreased advancements and its inability to keep up with the trends. 

Pinterest these days is one of the most famous social media platforms. That’s because of the aesthetics that people look for. While your feed is a mix and match of different recommendation systems on other social media platforms like Facebook, Google, and Reddit, your Pinterest is solely imprinted with recommendations based on your choices. This made Pinterest an instant hit amongst people of different age groups. They could follow whatever they wanted, and their feed would be customized according to their preferences. The video creation tool, Video Pins, on this platform is an added benefit for creators and users of Pinterest. 

Thus, integrating strategies like YouTube Shorts and Video Pins into their platforms turned out to be a better marketing strategy for Pinterest, Google, Facebook, and Reddit. As of 2021, 4.8 billion people use social media platforms worldwide. This kind of content is easier to consume, thus getting more and more people to spend their time on these social media platforms. The platforms, in turn, keep trying to add more funny filters and interactive features to make their video creation tools better than others. 

Short-Video : The future of content  

The change is dynamic, and the need for content is constantly increasing. Short content is the future of content. It keeps up with the audience’s ever-transforming demands, besides being easier to consume and produce. This is the right time for incorporating these new changes into your marketing strategies involving these popular platforms. Given how quickly they’ve adapted to this trend, it would be wise to prioritize making short-form video content for social media platforms. And with such content and trends, sky’s the limit – and you can decide what that sky is. 


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