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A product can be good, but what makes it better – rather, makes or breaks it – is its marketing and advertising  strategy. To compete, you need to first understand the competition. You need to learn the rules of marketing, the technique and the strategies involved, etc. With verified accounts and a following of 180k and 230k respectively on Instagram, Urban Ladder and PepperFry are the two giants in India’s furniture scene today. They are now making an impact on their customers through their digital marketing strategies.


Brief Ananlysis Of Digital Marketing Strategies Of The Furniture Brands

One thing that’s common between these two furniture brands is that they are based on customers’ vision. Every business is started for customers, once you make them feel and realize that the business is entirely for their benefit, you attract them in droves.

This is where the role of content grows larger. They used the correct taglines and content at the right time. These touched the audience emotionally. For example, the ads by Pepperfry, revolving around festivals like Diwali, target the audience emotionally and are generally based on how their services help in building a more close-knitted bond amongst family members. This helped the brands gain stupendous popularity.

Both brands work towards the shared vision of providing comfort to customers at their doorstep. Both were first started in megacities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, etc.

Soon, they even started their online ventures with their websites.

They promise to deliver quality furniture to your doorstep at the earliest. Since furniture is a big concern for almost all the people when they move in or move out, the brands targeted people with these kinds of issues. They told them how adapting to the culture of renting furniture would make their moving in and out more convenient and practical.

When the customers felt that using their services was hassle-free and trustworthy, they started investing their time and money in these businesses.

Time is always a constraint in metro cities, hence talking more and more about it in their ads gave them a good lead, to begin with. The online interface made it even better because people could now view what they were buying. Just in case they wanted to see what they were ordering online before making a purchase, they could even do that by simply visiting their offline stores.

All the furniture that are being sold by these brands are of good quality, and they ensure that customers buy these products from trusted vendors. Thus, ensuring good-quality products gives them an upper hand in the market.

Thus, building an image was the first step towards the success of these brands. They made it evident to their customers that they are reliable brands and that people can trust them with their money.

Advertising Strategies of PepperFry & Urban Ladder On Varied Channels

Once they created a good image, they started to advertise. They started creating videos and posting them on TV, radio, and other online platforms. They even collaborated with big creators on YouTube and started paid promotions. 

Since the huge audience for these YouTube videos guaranteed potential customers, this worked for them and helped them in creating a good audience base. 

They also targeted the audience indirectly via platforms like YouTube. Most of the big names like FilterCopy promoted such brands directly in their videos. After listening to the same name, again and again, people felt drawn towards their plans and started to check them out online. This gave them good website traffic for a start.

Now that they gathered a good customer base and website traffic, they started improving their brand by giving attractive discounts and deals to people. People felt drawn towards the brand due to these exciting offers and deals. 

Another unique strategy was to handle the criticism practically. For example, in the initial days, when Urban Ladder faced backlash from customers due to their poor delivery services in remote areas, they stopped delivering pan-India and restricted their delivery only to the megacities of Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi. This worked well for them, as their delivery services were commendable in these areas.

Audience targeting plays a major role when it comes to digital marketing. When you know who is watching your content, all you need to figure out is what else they watch and make sure that you reach them via other platforms too. Be creatively wise and it will help you in succeeding. Like Urban Ladder and Pepperfry.


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