Gamification In Ad Campaign: How Starbucks Got To 90% Engagement Rate


Ad campaigns can be simple, forgettable or looks like just a show. Gamification in ad campaigns can turn this 360° by engaging users in a fun experience. This experience gives users a sense of achievement and leaves them wanting for more. The biggest advantage of this is higher users’ engagement rate. Starbucks used it productively to achieve 90% engagement rate. 

How Starbucks Gamified Their User Experience & Got Great Results 

The idea was simple, yet attractive. it created a game where users had to simply flip the Starbucks cups onto a platform. The scores earned by the users help them to win bragging rights with their friends and also provide downloadable vouchers. This enticed the users to use their platform more, which accounted for an average engagement time of 60 seconds per user. The targets set for voucher downloads by the Starbucks marketing team got smashed by more than 110%. All data was collected in a GDPR compliant backend.  

Why Gamification In Ad Campaign is important for brands 

As a digital marketer, you can use gamification in ad campaigns like challenges, memory games similar to Starbucks marketing. This will earn users exciting discounts and offers. It will generate positive outcomes for your brand: 

  1. Challenging & quizzing users will engage them, thereby building long-term relationship with the brand. Gamification in ad campaigns leads to higher engagement rate.
  1. Gamification in ad campaigns creates a sense of attachment in customers for the brand. Through smart promotion of products, the customers will acquire more knowledge about your products. It might generate curiosity in them to try your offerings.
  1. As the points earned can be redeemed, the visitors will be compelled to register on your website/app. It will ultimately improve your conversion rate and sales.
  1. Gamification can be a smart move as it is potential in attracting new users easily and hook them to what the brand has to offer.

People tend to order online these days due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Brands can use the leisure time of customers to their advantage by introducing interesting games that subtly promote their brand and products. It will not only provide a fun time to the users, but they might also order something from your app or website!   


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