How to use Rewards Marketing for your Business?


It is no longer a secret that customers purchase products from online stores that offer rewards or loyalty points. Customers connect with loyalty programs easily because it gives them a sense of being privileged. Therefore, as a digital marketer, you can improve your reach and brand visibility easily by using rewards marketing strategies. 

Ways of implementing Reward Programs Marketing? 

The reward programs can be implemented in various ways. Through referrals customers trust is retained which reduce marketing costs. Likeminded buyers will automatically market your services and products through referrals. This will boost a brand’s reputation and win more customers. 

  • Some brands provide reward points to their customers who write reviews on their websites or give ratings on Google Play Store or App Store. 
  • As a digital marketer, try to incentivize your customers through various ways. Give them discounts on their first purchase, provide them with discount coupons on every purchase, or give a sign-up bonus to visitors. 
  • These days, customers like to earn something even if they are buying a product that is essential for their home or office work. This tendency has enabled brands to incorporate reward programs in their marketingplans. 

How Brands used Rewards Marketing as their Strategy 

Starbucks adopted gamified loyalty program in 2016. The game is available on its mobile app that earn customers “stars” which are later redeemed as an extra shot of coffee. Through the app, Starbucks notifies customers of more opportunities. The Body Shop incorporated animal welfare in their strategy. As their customers share the same value, the company provides accessing VIP perks, donate rewards to charity as part of their rewards programme. 

To create effective reward programs, you can adopt these tactics: 

  • Make the reward marketing program simple for the customers. A complex program might confuse your customers, and they might refrain from participating in it. 
  • For improving customer engagement, include quizzes, entertaining games, and puzzles in the programs. Use spin-the-wheel challenge while distributing loyalty points for a particular action or purchase. 
  • Use social media channels, emails, and other platforms for promoting the reward programs. Email marketing is an effective tool that will help you reach maximum customers in a limited time.
  • Provide entry passes to special events, bumper offers, and prizes to your most loyal customers every month, quarter, or year. It will certainly add more recognition and value to your brand’s offerings. 



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