Shelter brings homelessness to fore this Christmas with “The Drive”

Shelter brings homelessness to fore this Christmas with "The Drive"
Shelter brings homelessness to fore this Christmas with "The Drive"

This Christmas, ‘The Drive’ campaign by Shelter is putting homelessness in the limelight.

Don’t Panic, a London-based creative agency, teamed up with Shelter, a homelessness and housing organisation, for an emotional Christmas campaign. It is to raise awareness that many individuals don’t have a roof to live under this Christmas.

The piece features a woman and daughter who will be spending Christmas in a car park. It is running on Shelter’s social media channels and Sky AdSmart.

On a cold, gloomy, chilly night, a mother and daughter commute in their car. In a joyful interlude, the mother decides to enthusiastically sing her pouty, bored teen Wham’s seasonal hit Last Christmas. Viewers quickly note that their car radio is not working and that there are bags of items in the rear seat.

Just when the mother is just about to quit trying to brighten up her daughter, they share a nice moment as she starts singing and gives her mother a little present.

As the automobile pulls closer, it becomes clear that nothing petty caused the teen to behave like this. Instead, it was the fact that they are both spending Christmas in the car, sitting in a solitary, dark parking lot.

Toufic Beyhum, Jake Moss, George McCallum, and Rick Dodds of the agency wrote it, while Jamie Rafn of Smuggler directed it.


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